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  • FKN Thieving Bastards

    Went down to chemist at Stargate Shopping Centre Kelmscott this arvo, to pick up a script for the wife. Parked my bike outside & put my helmet down beside bike & went inside. Came out not even 2 mins later & me fk helmet was gone. A lady came up & said she saw 2 Aboriginal blokes pull up In a car 1 jumped out grabbed my helmet ,she yelled at them & they took off.
    Anyway If you see a Silver Laser or Bitsashitty Colt rego 8KB 091 or 910? please PM their address to me so I can go around & preach to them the error of their ways.
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    Bloody bastards, thats rank
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      ah bummer man. it's in a cash converters by now. Probly scored em 20bux!


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        Fucking carnts, also the reason I never leave my helmet with my bike. I live in Vic Park, its a natural reaction.


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          2006 Yamaha R1SP;
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          Amen, brother. Amen.
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            I am so sorry to hear about this. Wish I could say something to make you feel better.


            this has just upped my 'angry' level. This week has been getting worse by the day, and to read that has made me furious! I can't say much else without using the bad words.

            I hate!


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              good to hear the rego was taken down...... hopefully it can be recovered. lets see if the coppers do anything about it or tip-toe about the racial boundaries that they dare not cross.
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                Bummer mate. Cant trust anyone these days.
                BTW how did you get home??? ride without helmet????


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                  That's trash man. I'd be furious if I were you.

                  This one time me and my friend were in his Dad's car at the servo waiting for him to pay when we saw this Aboriginal guy hoon up on a pit bike, fill up a jerry can with petrol and ride off. It was funny, but trash.
                  Feels good man.


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                    You didn't exactly stack the odds in your favour did you.
                    I mean, it sucks that you can't leave stuff just lying around, but I can also hear Nelson laughing.


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                      I get so frustrated at people having so much trust in people, you can't leave shit anywhere anytime.

                      And on the other hand, what I wana say some mite call racist, but a majority will say they've well and truly earned any racist abuse they mite receive f*%king wastes of space... That's for another thread...


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                        sad to hear, and pity about losing your stuff, but yeah i'll have to agree with everyone else.. no way in hell would I leave my helmet. good luck with getting the address..

                        when I was about 12 I left my water bottle in my pushy going into the shop to buy a drink and the water bottle was gone (i mean it was like $5 worth... when new) and although I was amazed they bothered to steal the water bottle when the bike would have been just as easy.. i never left anything on the bike out of my view again


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                          Private Pyle, if there is one thing in this world that I hate, it is an unlocked footlocker!
                          You know that, don't you?

                          Sir, yes, sir!

                          If it wasn't for ****heads like you, there wouldn't be any thievery in this world, would there?

                          Sir, no, sir!
                          -Full Metal Jacket

                          (EDIT: not having a go, it just sprung to mind - sucks having stuff stolen my ZX2R was nabbed a few yrs back )
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                            Originally posted by Desmogod View Post
                            You didn't exactly stack the odds in your favour did you.
                            I mean, it sucks that you can't leave stuff just lying around, but I can also hear Nelson laughing.
                            arnt you the one that left a wrist sock thingy on your brake fluid resevoir that was subsequently pinched?? I dont recall anyone calling you stupid or making fun of you when that occured.

                            go easy Jim.

                            Cuntz can steal valve caps, resevoir covers and anything else left lying around. thieving cuntz.
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                              Yes Bumcrack, but a sweatband on a brake reservoir is a little bit different to a crash helmet. Stupid analogy.
                              I'm not suggesting that it's not fucked that we can't leave stuff, but seriously, like the prom queen, he was asking for it.