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Another rider down tonight

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  • Another rider down tonight

    Coming home from work on the mitchell tonight bout 9:15pm, heading north. Look into the south bound onramp at reid highway. it's a lovely sweeping left hander, a full 180 degrees, if you've been on it you know how much fun it is.

    And to my dissapoint a bike accident has just happened, red bike, looked a hell of alot like a duke 999?? looks like he's overcooked it and lowsided skidding into the kerb. He was up and hobbling around, few cars had stopped, bike looked pretty average.

    Hope your ok mate, and your bikes not to bad! Anyone on here???
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    thats a shame, i've always love that sweep!
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      Ouch, hope he's OK and the Duc can be repaired quickly

      side note - yeh love that corner


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        is it only me or alot of riders going down at the moment. Stay within your means people
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          Hope you heal quick.

          Have to agree that is a wicked corner.


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            Originally posted by markvk View Post
            is it only me or alot of riders going down at the moment. Stay within your means people

            there are alot of riders going down as the summer riders are coming out and they have forgotten how to ride over winter and have to learn all over again.
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              Completely irrelevant i know, but i couldn't help noticing your post time is shown as 8:39pm.


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                Originally posted by Boxx View Post
                Completely irrelevant i know, but i couldn't help noticing your post time is shown as 8:39pm.
                Go into your "User CP" and set your account to correct for daylight savings


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                  Love that corner - every morning on the way to work.

                  But if it's too close to home and you go in hard with cold tyres, it's brown moment time or worse. And you never know what trady's trailer has dumped shit all over the road: exit line is invisible until well past the apex.

                  Hope the bike and rider are okay (or heal quick).
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                    Nice bend, one of my favourite on ramps.
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                      Never good to hear that someone else has had an off

                      At least he was up and hobbling, hope the injuries heal quickly whoever you are


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                        hope you're ok dood. Yeah, corners are great just especially that one at around 45kmh but I prefer the straight on the freeway at about 95
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                          Originally posted by markvk View Post
                          Stay within your means people
                          Shut up.


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                            Hi all, was me and sadly (or fortunately depending on how you think of it) not a duke. From what the insurance dude was saying this morning, they might write off my poor little Hyo just from fairing damage, let alone the fact that i tore off the can.

                            i came across some rocks in the road in the middle of the corner (looked like railway ballast), stood it up to go around and then couldn't take my eyes off the gutter. i could probably have ridden away if i could have broken the target fixation.

                            Nothing broken but i'm hurting this morning. When the bruises come up they're going to be impressive.

                            i guess going for a ride last night was a bad idea
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                              Ah shit bro not good. Scuff up the new jacket??