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Re-spraying race fairings for cash :)

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  • Re-spraying race fairings for cash :)

    It's a long shot but do any of you know anyone in Melbourne who could help me out and re-spray a set of race fairings for me, for CASH (cheap).

    All the work is done there all nice and smooth and ready for painting, I just need someone with the skills and equipment


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    If you have done all the hard work and rubbed them back and cleaned them up, I don't see a problem in getting a spray painted to do a cash job.

    I know with my race glass, if I repair and bog them up I can get a painter to primmer them up then I rub them back and the painter sprays them for me. cost around $250 - $300, but I trade off aluminium welding / fabrication work so it cost me nothing.

    May I suggest you stop in to a couple of spray shops and offer to carry out all sanding / labouring work and that you will pay cash for paint job. It's worth a shot.

    Good luck 8)