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    hey guys and gals,

    thought i'd let you know there is a bloke at the moment test riding people bikes from ads he has seen in the quokka, he took mine for over half an hour then came back and bluntly said "um, i dont think this is the bike for me, thanks, bye"
    i have just recieved a msg from him a week later saying " id like to have a look at your bike, let me know if you still have it" which is the exact msg he had sent me a week earlier.
    obviously he is just passing these msgs out like candy.

    watch out for this joker, his name is dean!
    Buy a vtwin!

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    Post up his number


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      WTF shroom inspired smilie is that??


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        Buy a vtwin!


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          if you are selling a bike privately, unless you know the person, don't let them test ride it.

          Let them sit pillion while you are riding.


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            Did he seem keen at all to begin with? have a license? you seem like a trusting fellow


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              oh, definitely agree i am partly to blame to be so trusting, he had a licence which i held and the keys to his car, i merely wanted everyone to know if this fella msgs or calls you to be wary
              Buy a vtwin!


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                when i was test ridin dealers bikes, i got told by a guy at causeway yamaha that some1 had taken the new r1 out and got it impounded for hoon drivin (wheelies down albany i believe lol)... if that isn't a test pilot i dunno wot is hahaha
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                  hahaha that would have been a good one to explain when you get back to the shop. Would have loved to hear it!


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                    haha we have :q: now? :masterstroke:


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                      o wait. scoundrel.. might not wanna leech from SA. We'll get lowtax on our ass and there will be forum invasions and all sortsa shit.

                      u dirty bastard.

                      ask tyson nicely and im sure he'll add :q:


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                        Had a bloke take my brothers car for a thrash XBGT351, that he said he wanted to buy . we could hear him snoking it up down the road.
                        Brother attacked him with baseball bat when he came back, he got a bit of a surprise.
                        what a DICKHEAD
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                        LET THOSE WHO RIDE DECIDE

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                          Yeah, had one guy set off a whole heap of flags when he came to look at the bike a few weeks ago.

                          - Parked car across driveway (which was clear)
                          - This bike has VTEC does it?
                          - When does the power commander kick in?
                          - Me and a mate were going halves.

                          Promptly denied a test ride.