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Radiator Guard - Black? or Titanium?

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  • Radiator Guard - Black? or Titanium?

    Well, I'm just about ready to smash my head against the wall in frustration! I ordered a Black Radiator Guard back in August for a Triumph Daytona 675 - Red with 08 Decals and have been waiting ever since. I did do a number of follow up calls and e-mails to find out what was happening.

    Being that i am based in Australia, it can be hard to get parts at times - depending on what you want. I'm sure we all know about this...

    Story so far:
    1. Placed order with Queensland Company. - August (I'm based in Perth)

    2. The supplier was based in the U.S. Apparently there were 3x titanium’s orders already and mine was the 1x black radiator guard added to the order.

    3. Time went by, Sept, Oct, Nov, and now approaching Dec. During this time I made a number of calls and e-mails – where is my radiator guard.

    4. What the supplier was doing in the U.S was holding all the orders back trying to save on freight by getting more orders from Australia to ship to. Unfortunately lots of time passed by as the orders didn't come as fast as anticipated. Company in Qld insisted the items be posted ASAP because ‘US’ – the customers were being stuffed around witht the time factor.

    5. The Items arrived this week – finally (Nov 20's)! In Queensland. Unfortunately, all of them were titanium – NO Black! ARghhhh!

    Do I take the titanium and hope that it is going to go ok with the Red Daytona 675 colour or wait for the Black colour? ETA UNKNOWN for the black. I wanted the black because I didn’t want to OVER DO the bling factor on the bike if you get my drift. It already has lots of red, silver and black. By putting this on the front of the bike it would just stand out like BLING BLING! Does that make sense?

    What are people's thoughts?

    Received this e-mail asking what my options were if I wanted to wait for the black?
    “Apparently there is a shipment on its way, not sure of what sorry! I know that’s not much help. I will sort out options -seems to be Silver OR titanium or a longer wait in black.

    Sorry for the delay and thank you for your patience”
    This is what the Titanium screen looks like. Note, screen is not Titanium, its just the colour.

    Also note, my bike will be Red not Graphite.
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    I'd go for black still because silver or Ti will show up dirt and road grime really easy


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      How much time do you spend looking at your radiator? Go with whatever gets here first, paint it if you have to, beats putting a rock through the thing and being up for a massive repair bill.


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        nothing a $5 can of spraypaint wont fix
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