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R class shaddow required Wednesday (28/11)

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  • R class shaddow required Wednesday (28/11)

    Well, seeing as my last attempt at my R's didnt go so well. (It was all fine until I pulled into the carpark at the licensing center against a one way arrow. Oh well, I'll pay more attention next time.)

    I've managed to book another test for 1350 this wednesday at the Willagee center, and I was hoping someone'd be able to shaddow for the short trip from brentwood (hopefully not back again ).

    A free lunch to the champion who helps out

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    Free bump Hoolian...

    GL with the next test. Shit sucks ey? I expect to hear you revving the tits off that thing repetitively along Mounts Bay out the front of mine when you get your R class...
    c o o l s t o r y b r o


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      Good luck hope you get it this time.


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        Watch out if u get the mad german he's bonkers.... even if you fail with him he'll keep riding for the half hour to fcuk with ur head.

        Good luck and hope you get them.
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          Thanks for the well wishes, guys. I should be able to handle the mad german, I sat my C class with him, and he seemed alright

          If I can't find a shaddow, I've got a mate (knuckey) lined up with a towball to trailer me.

          can't wait!


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            If it wasn't a Wednesday maybe coulda sorted something out with you - early close at school - 2.00pm.

            Did my RE at Willagee - not too bad except good ol' Marmion St/Stock Rd and those stupid bike lanes. Remember your headchecks!!

            Good luck and post your good news up as soon as ya can!!

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