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    Wasn't sure to put this here or the "In the Loop" section.

    Firstly DO NOT post replies specific to my post here, PM me.

    Anyway, i'm looking for some new roads/routes to ride, hills based would be good as i live near kalamunda. If anyone could PM me some of their favourite roads/routes i'll maybe consider perhaps possibly donating them a kidney at some point in time.

    Repeat, DO NOT post them here, unless you want pineapple-fest on your favourite roads.

    Cheers fellahs

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    ill get it out of the way...

    Scarboro beach road, 3pm, weekdays, during the school year.


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      Hay street at noon is much better Davey


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        Head out on a few rides and experience them first hand.


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          the freeway at 2am
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            Do you actually ride your bike or spend all your time polishing the knobs ? Throw a dart at the map and go there bro . Some one has to be the discoverer .


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              Come along to the HRCA ride this Saturday.

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                exploring is the best way. and if you live in the hills then you must have a pretty good idea of where all the nice straight roads are.


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                  Get out there and find them like most of us do.
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                    moorby will attest to my awesome road finding skills, I was lost 50% of the time

                    So +1 get out there and just ride, will find them eventually


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                      There are no good roads in and around Perth, seriously, Dorrington has taken out all the corners.
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                        So... do i paraphrase all the "go out there and find them" replies as either "there are none that i know of" or "i'm not telling you nyah nyah" ?



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                          Mostly the latter, but with good reason.

                          Just come out on a ride, we don't bite

                          edit: I'm posting one for tonight, don't be shy, look in the loop
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                            If it's an awesome road, it probably already has a 60km speed limit with cops posted ever 30ms. That or dick heads in 80s Holden utes who apparently live to take every corner too wide so as to flick as much gravel onto the road surface as possible.

                            The hills are a good place to look, mind.