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Question: Shipping Costs

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  • Question: Shipping Costs

    Hey all,

    Could anyone enlighten me? Approximately how much would I'd be looking at to have a standard 700ish cc bike sent over from the Eastern States to Perth Metro and what the best method would be ?


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    about 600-1000 dollars,

    You can go via train or someone like motorcycle movers
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      Don't quote me, but I believe it will need to be crated as well for insurance purposes, etc.


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        I was quoted from 800-1350 when I was interested in buying a bike in brissie.
        Cost more if they cant just roll it up into the mover and strap her up.


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          also ring around a few house removals companys, if you can get it in crate they might put it in a container with house stuff.

          i had one in our house stuff container, just make sure you have a very good crate and INSURANCE

          you can get your own insurance online somewhere
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