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Top Gear style show with Bikes ?

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  • Top Gear style show with Bikes ?

    As far as car shows go, Top Gear FTW.

    In my opinion Jeremy, Richard and James do an awesome job testing both high price and affordable (to a degree) cars. As well as a bit of foolery to spice things up a bit.

    Is there any show does a similar thing with bikes?

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    I wish Clarkson would diaf.


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      Harsh words.

      He hates bikes and bikers and many think he is a tosser, but he knows his shit. He may even be an arrogant, racist, nazi fk and has said "put cheesewire across the road to decapitate motorcycle riders and says that motorcyclists with loud exhausts should be shot in the face".

      But Top Gear FTW.

      Fast, expensive cars actually being used for what they are meant for. ENJOYMENT. I mean who buys these cars at half a million pounds and drives them through their paces. Where else do you get to see these cars at full noise being thrown round.


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        in one of the latest episodes they managed to insult 4 nationalities in 12 minutes. I was impressed.
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          none that I've heard of. I believe 5th Gear do the odd bike segment tho.

          Cars have a lot of features not relating to performance that they can spend hours banging on about. Bikes are a lot more raw, so such a show would be a much more technical, and probably not as easy to appeal to the general public like Top Gear. I'm not a car person by any stretch of the imagination, but I love Top Gear for the entertainment factor.
          A bike specific show I couldn't imagine being about much more than performance & safety, which would get very dull very quickly, to anyone but a hardcore bike fan.


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            It would be a sweet show with bike model shootouts every show , and mad stunts on inappropriate bikes with tanks and helicopters trying to keep up. we should start one now on community tv so it can be picked up by the networks and become famous.


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              We already haz it.

              "today tonight"

              You've just been slack, Millsy - no material for them
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                Yeah, 5th gear does it every now and then, but their tests are rather lame... ie new model fireblade versus new model civic type r around a test track.
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                  Originally posted by Kryzaach View Post
                  Yeah, 5th gear does it every now and then, but their tests are rather lame... ie new model fireblade versus new model civic type r around a test track.
                  yeah that was a little lame. They have had some trials riders do a few tricks in the Ace cafe car park. The big hairy guy had a pocket bike race once. That was funny.
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                    Not sure about lately - but the Fast Bikes crew used to put out some half decent vids... fanging around backroad Europe on all manner of sportbikes

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