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which fuel is best ????

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  • which fuel is best ????

    ok !! here's a question for any of you scientific ones amongst us (as if) , what i want to know is which brand of premium unleaded fuel is the best to run in your bike !! i run shell most of the time , but i was wondering if there is another brand that has a higher 'RON' ???

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    Why bother putting premium in?

    Regular Unleaded = 91-92 octane
    Premium = 94-95 octane
    Ultimate98 = 98 octane

    Shell optimax has an octane rating of 98 but its only avaiable in eastern states.


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      i use BP ultimate from BP ofcoarse 98 octane but anything above 95 octane is good
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        Purely use a premium of course but I rate BP as number 1, after that if I can't find a BP around, I'll go Shell then Caltex. I wouldn't really touch anything else. But it's different in each state Tex. When we were in Melb, I remember some of the peeps I used to ride with say that Caltex was best then Shell and then BP. Different refineries maybe? Dunno....


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          anyone tried AVGAS from BP, 110 RON ?
          or is it a no no for motorcycle engines?... :?:


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            Which Fuel?

            Heard the saying "You are what you eat"?

            The same goes for your motorcycle.

            Use the highest octane fuel you can. After speaking directly to fuel distributors, wholesalers etc I found out the following info,

            All W.A. fuel comes the BP refinery in Kwinana. Which would mean that it doesn't matter which Petrol Station company you go to to fill up at as all the fuel comes from the same place, right?


            Its not the refinery that matters. Each company adds in their own 'secret' additives to improve the fuel. Each company states that their mix is better than their competitor but as long as the octane reading is the same, eg; BP Ultimate 98 (98 Octane) then it doesn't matter.

            Where the issue lies is with the individual Petrol Station. This means one BP could be different to another.

            What am I talking about you ask, well let me explain.

            For example, a BP in Armadale (building) could be only 5 years old since the last refurbishment, but how old are the underground storage drums that the fuel sits in? Some distributors I spoke to stated some petrol stations have storage drums 20 to 30 years old. These drums over time have sediment build up, water may of leaked into them and most importantly how often are these drums cleaned and inspected???

            This is the place where fuel may be contaminated.

            It obviously costs a large amount of money to service and clean the drums, so usually only the distributor owned stations are done. (I'm not saying privately owned ones don't get done, but not as stringent and often).

            Why does each companys fuel have a different colour? This is because they put a dye in the fuel as to be able to distinguish between theirs and another companies should there be a complaint received or issue with the fuel.

            The best advice they could give me was;

            1. Find a Company, (BP, Shell etc) and fuel type (BP Ultimate etc) that your happy to use.

            2. Always try and fill up at the same petrol station. (You would then obviously know which station has given you bad fuel)

            3. Try not to mix you fuels between companies.

            Hope this helps.



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              Avgas is fine in that it doesn't hurt the engine but it chews your plugs up pretty quick

              I'm not one hundred percent though re fuel injected bikes. Anyone help here.

              I used to mix half and half in my 96 Blade and it really made a difference.

              I think the guys at the track used to run 110 RON a few years ago but I believe thats been stopped now.

              Ben can you confirm this?


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                Im with Campo. Never had a bad from BP and BP in South Perth has the highest $ turnover of any Fuel Station in WA (also the most expensive :? ) so I figger that their stuff has gota be pretty fresh.

                So for me its BP, then Shell, Caltex, Ampol... in that order.

                Plus, BP have pay at the pump wich is great cos you dont have to take yer helmet off!

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                  Madmax, yeah 110 has been ruled out now. I run Shell Premium but I have heard the BP ultimate is good as well. In the older bikes running avgas makes a hell of a difference but the newer models don't seem to get as much out of it.


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                    Re: Which Fuel?

                    Heard the saying \"You are what you eat\"?

                    These drums over time have sediment build up, water may of leaked into them and most importantly how often are these drums cleaned and inspected???

                    My mate went up north and filled up his new commodore at a servo in the remote outback (700km north) He said after driving a few km's his car died. Mechanic looked at it and the fuel filter was filled with shit.

                    I only fill my vehicles up at these places, BP, Shell, Caltex.. I never go to any old looking service stations either.


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                      tex try using avgas from yeah you know causeway in the 20 litre drums works wicked but $$ good for race days but you said you use shell wouldnt that block your injectors and cause problems try avgas den premiun den shell if all else the way hows the BMC filter and mod. :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll:
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                        i got told a while ago that one of the main advantages of premium is that it contains a detergent which helps keep your fuel system cleaner.

                        ive been running shell vortex in my little rgv (even my 13bt, 8's etc etc) and havnt had a fuel related problem, and fill up from the same servo.

                        octane rating is 2 over-exagerated. only reason you'd run exta octane fuel ie additive/avgas is if your advancing your timing 2 take advantage of it ...otherwise waste of time


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                          There is a Shell Depot on the corner of Tonkin Hwy and Collier Rd. They sell 20 litre drums of 105 Octane fuel for around $25 a drum. Word has it that with an in tune bike and this fuel its like an extra 100cc (I didn't hear that from god so don't take it as gospel...) Made 1 hell of a difference in my 250RR anyway . However they get a bit funny about selling it to street bike riders..... so just do what i did and tell em its for a go-kart....

                          I'm the noob you all pwn!


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                            I just use whatever I can syphon from my neighbours petrol tank !!!

                            And he drives a tractor !!!


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                              I just use whatever I can syphon from my neighbours petrol tank !!!

                              And he drives a tractor !!!    
                              Gordo y can i actually picture u doin that?

                              I'm the noob you all pwn!