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some pics of my recent 'little' trip

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  • some pics of my recent 'little' trip

    well figured i should put up some pics of my trip to the gp and the long way back

    due to dialup here though this is a very very small handfull (over 6000 in total, plus the normal ones are 10mp)

    pretty self explanotry, 90 mile straight not far from the wa-sa border

    part of the great australian bight in sa

    camping at ceduna

    not far from port augusta (actually just near iron knob)

    this is where i camped at apollo bay

    two waterfalls on the great ocean road, not literally on but not far from it lol

    some knob head (aka me) gets the bright idea to go to kosiosco (made it but bike gear isnt made for snow, plus the 16k return hike )

    lots of snow

    some ice on my poor girl, though started like normal

    bad storm again some fool decided to ride through it, was alot of fun till the novelty wore off. which was the point when i finnaly got to about 10k's from the bed and breakfast (didnt want to camp that night as everything was drenched) and the next river crossing (had been through dozens by this stage) i could just see the top of the 2 meter marker, keep in mind this was about 9:30 and i had already ridden 1000+ k's that day. ended up finding a high patch and camped the night lol

    kings canyon, about 300k's nth of ayers rock, gorgeous place but not the best place to go wandering around on dusk, notice the waterfall is smooth, low iso and me laying on a huge cliff face steadying the camera on the rock
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    Great pics. How quick did you get from point A to point B on the 90 mile strip?
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      Moarrrr we want moaaarrr!

      K's/Days travelled?


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        Wow. Nice work.
        I'd love to do a trip like this one day.


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          mekon76, was crusing at 115 for most of the time, was thinking of winding it out at one point on the straight but didnt and the next car was a highway patrol, so answer to your question about hour and 20

          dingo, how about give you a dvd with em on and you upload them? also about 3000 shots at the gp itself of bikes hooning past think the average k's a day was 500, but that was due to staying put for several days at a time. if i was trying to cover some ground i worked on 1000k's a day usally
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            Falcore, Happy to, sort ya best 50-100 into a folder, DVD em to me


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              Fair enough, that's Murphy's law. I can just picture the wheelie past the highway patrol car...
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              Get a load of this pussy, he wouldn't travel back in time to murder a baby.


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                actually how about i bring down the portable hd instead? they should all just fit onto two dvd's anyway (just short of 9gig)

                but yeah can sort out the best hell even ones of the harbour bridge at night came up pretty well (gotta love dslr's)
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                  speaking of wheelies past cop cars, did 'accidently' do one past a copper on phillip island, thankfully he just shook his head at me
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                    Falcore, what camera equip do you use?
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                    Get a load of this pussy, he wouldn't travel back in time to murder a baby.


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                      cant remember off the top of my head the lenses i took (3) but the body is a pentax k10d takes awesome photos to say the least. also had the battery grip (spare battery etc), portable hd and the laptop for backing up on the run so to speak

                      also had the mount on the bike if i needed to use a tripod (some night shots in shitney)
                      Every one has a story.....



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                        Absolutely awesome falcore, what a great trip/experience

                        I so wanna do one of those one day (soon hopefully!)

                        Nice work ^_^
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                          Very nice Andrew.

                          you coming to the n00b ride?
                          Have you won the game recently?? Post here


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                            Nice one mate. I'm looking forward to riding over next year.
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                              there is only one way to describe it...
                              very nicee in a Borat voice!
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