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Yamaha R6 - Burnt Rubber?

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  • Yamaha R6 - Burnt Rubber?

    Morning all

    I will have to apologise in advance, i dont know the technical term for what im about to talk about, so please do your best to follow. Cant say im not providing a challenge.

    I have just serviced my 2004 YZF R6, replaced the spark plugs and cleaned the air filter. Now when removing the long rubber things that transfer the electric current to the spark plugs, i had noticed on all four they had a burnt spot right at the top of the rubber seal. Does anyone who services R6's know what this might be?

    Hope i have not lost you! LOL



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    spark plug leads ?
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      Yes, that might be it. I think of leads as those on a car. These look different. But yes they would be called leads i guess.


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        Is it arcing out of the spot?


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          thats the coils.......
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            '04 R6 or '03 R6.... reason I ask is that there was a known issue with the coil packs (what you're describing) with the '03 R6, apparently rectified in the '04 model.

            I'm not sure if it did become a warranty recall issue in the US, pretty sure it didn't in Oz, but did have mine replaced for free once I provided Yamaha with all the details off the US R6 messagenet forum...

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              Its an 04.
              Coils..... That makes more sense.

              In any case i rotated the rubber seal in hope it might arch in the same place, preserve the rubber. This way i buy myself some time until i work out what is going on.

              Are these coils expensive? and what is the long term damage if i dont replace them soon?


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                about $100 each...... 2nd hand. Long term damage.... if it is arcing, you'll lose power to the spark plugs, and start running on less and less cylinders....
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                  Thanks for the heads up guys.

                  I will contact Yamaha Australia and see if they will honor their consumers by replacing these coils of which are known for their manufactured fault. Rate my chances?

                  Aside from this little hickup with the coils, I still hold faith in Yamaha. Its such a dream to ride.

                  Either way I will let you all know.
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