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  • State Trailbike Strategy

    Those who have dirties, or are looking to get one, or take an interest in off roading and off road areas, take note: the Recreational Trailbike Riders Association has been involved in preparing a strategy for the continued use of, and provision of more, off road areas. The study has been funded by the Government, believe it or not. The RTRA's site is here:

    Recreational Trailbike Riders' Association WA

    The Strategy document can be downloaded here (its a big read) (pdf 4.7mb)

    An outline of the Strategy can be downloaded here if you cant be arsed reading the full version:

    Those of you who made submissions about it may find your comments in there (I found mine :-P ) I don't know whether anyone else got the email about it so I'm posting it here just in case.

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    cheers for that bro, will check it out tomorrow but I made some suggestions a while ago for it


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      Yeah I filled out a survey and stuff a couple of months back..begin of the year maybe..


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        Thanks for all of that Scoundrel.

        Well done for your input too guys!!

        Riding area are getting so scarce now, and we're selling more dirt bikes here in Aus than just about ever. Makes you wonder...


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          Yep we read the whole document when scouting for areas in Perth to take the other halfs bike out last weekend. It's such a disappointment there isn't more areas considering its becoming so popular now.

          Not sure where we'll head this weekend yet


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            Nice one, be great to see more areas open up, I think it's needed badly.


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              Its out for public comment guys, so make some submissions if you feel there is a point you need to get across.