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Pocketbikes at Wanneroo Kart Club this Saturday afternoon

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  • Pocketbikes at Wanneroo Kart Club this Saturday afternoon

    I hear there is around 20 pocket bikes signed up for the riding on Saturday. Should be good fun. If your in the area, drop in & take a look. for other info

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    Good afternoon oh husband of mine!

    I will be doing to First Aid at the Kart track all day Sat so come one, come all and have a sticky beak.

    I am so much looking forward to seeing the Pocket Bikes on the track (but dreading the injuries!), I hope they have some Benny Hill music to play over the PA!

    (Hey Rob, you've got one more post than me... *rushes off to put up a post* , who says we're a competative household?)
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      Will try and have a good look at that one for sure!


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        Just curious for later down the track. Does it have to be "true" pocket bikes or can you ride the mini bikes Dubs is bringing in?


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          They seem to have a three categories for riding at the moment
          1. Experienced Super Moto (motard)
          2. Novice Super Moto
          3. PB's and Fast 50's

          I think the Dubs ones might pass for fast 50's, or a fast 50's more like PW50s?? I think as long as it is about 50cc & you are wearing the right gear you should be right.

          At the moment its all for fun, no state racing etc. Wonder if they will eventually be doing a WA state championship for 50's!!

          Would be Farrrken funny for sure!

          The person who would know is the Pres of the SuperMoto WA club, Dave Holden.
          222 Loctite doesn't taste too bad.


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            "...Adds pocketbike to shopping list..."
            HONDA! F#@ YER!


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              What time is this great event happening ???

              I got my fast 50 mmmm wonder if i can get in on the action ???

              8) 8) 8)
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                Riding from 1pm - 6pm I believe. Due to having to take out rider insurance it is nec. to pre-book at this stage.

                Bookings via Bikers Corner at Joondalup Ph: 9301 1255.

                There should still be some places available for you hopefully.

                There is more info at

                including info on the ride day and what clothes you need to wear for what bike.
                222 Loctite doesn't taste too bad.