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Riding out of class repercussions.

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  • Riding out of class repercussions.

    Hey all ,

    Was just wondering what the standard for getting caught riding out of class was these days?

    I was once told that the coppas don't usually care too much, and you'd prolly get away with a slap on the wrist the first time if you flashed them your pearly whites.

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    Court appearance.


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      sounds like a good idea, most laws are flexible like that when it comes to motorbikes.



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        The popo stance:

        Slap on the wrist & $100 fine if you dont have your learners

        Court appearance and big arse pineapple if you do have your learners.

        The PSB stance:


        Exceptions to this are in the case where you have your learners, and a shadow. (this clause also carries and exception in that you shall not turn up unless you have at least third party property insurance)
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          Thought it had been a while since this cropped up
          such comment
          many post


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            Popo: Pineapple
            PSB: Pine log.


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              Pearly whites? Should get more sun.
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                If youve got your learners and no shadow its a loss of licence and fine from memory.

                And as per Aphex's comment
                Dont turn up on any rides without your learners, insurance and a shadow.


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                  Search feature is your friend. This has been covered many times.

                  Some people will get pissed off that this has come up again (don't know why, its a public forum). But general problem is insurance. But Aphex said it best.
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                    Originally posted by Cam View Post
                    Thought it had been a while since this cropped up
                    Like a week or two?

                    Dont do it!!


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                      =D Thanks guys, I should have known this topic would get a fair bit of attention.

                      I have no intention of doing anything stupid. I can sit my big boys test in March and in the situation I were to get my bike before then I just wanted to know what I would be up against should I decide to get a little practice in before hand.

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                        "Slap on the wrist & $100 fine if you dont have your learners"

                        NOT ALWAYS TRUE. You can still be ordered to court even if you don't have your Ls for R class. You have been warned.


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                          you crash, your insurance is void. and what everyone else said.
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                          Good riders don't need insurance though, they can evade any situation



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                            This thread needs balance.

                            DO IT SON!!

                            Honestly if you're just pottering down to your local carpark to do a few U turns, i wouldn't worry about it. Cops are likely to be lenient if you're minding your own business like that.

                            The problem comes if you do it regularly, 'cause inevitably you speed, get pulled over for speeding, and get fucking pwned when it's found you're out of class too.


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                              ^^^ whs.

                              I feel no guilt recommending that new riders get their own 250 and practice with it as they can, with or without a shadow. This is no different. It's how I learnt to ride, never had a lesson until ARD type stuff after I got my licence. Admittedly it was a long time ago and things weren't so stressed as they are now.

                              But up and down a quiet street in front of your house, or the carpark down the road for low speed skills practice in the month or so leading up to your test is a VERY different story to buying a bigger bike and riding out of class everywhere.

                              Common sense ain't that common - but if you're careful and take it easy I can't see the problem here (unless you get caught).
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