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New Helmet - any Christmas sales?

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  • New Helmet - any Christmas sales?

    It is time for me to get a new helmet.

    I am not asking which helmet; we all know that has been done to death on the forum.

    I want to know if anyone knows of shops with Chrissy sales... any shop workers reading this? Toohey, you there?

    I want a $1200 Shoei for $400... but am willing to compromise Nah, really I'll see what fits well on my head and in my wallet.

    Thanks for your feedback.


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    yeah right
    In Kazakhstan if you want sugar in your coffee you ask for Kunt


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      Ha Ha , somtimes Helmet house and the Honda shop have the cheaper helmets out for a steal, doubt if you'd find anyone fire saling Shoei though, thanks for the laugh


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        Come on, there has to be others with an inside scoop or something to say!


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          cheap budget helmet can only protect cheap easily replaceable control centre.
          Look at what it offers in actual protection and not the paintscheme/brand or replica of MotoGP hero.


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            Go give Sal at Helmet House a look see


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              Jono at Lloyd Chapmans has a great range and super prices. Although you do have bad taste in a HOONNNDDAA So Dingo aT Rick Gills is also worth a vist they also have a HUGE range.


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                disregard Honda remark, he just does not know any better, all brand, except Hyo, Hyo, are good!
                get yourself a top protecting helmet, jacket, pants, gloves, boots backprotector and enjoy your choice of transport to the fullest!


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                  PM Helrayzer He has just got a Shoei RF1100 for a steal of a price.


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                    Originally posted by DaveHall View Post
                    PM Helrayzer He has just got a Shoei RF1100 for a steal of a price.
                    ~laffin~ Umm actually Dave both Helrayzer and I bought XR1000 Shoei helmets about 2mths ago and they cost a bomb even with a discount, however we did get leathers (jackets and pants) at a steal from the US, there are helmets available from the same people we got the leathers from, but seeing as we have new helmets we didnt really look at prices in depth but noticed they are cheaper than here.


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                      you could try this mob - bike biz over east xr1000 fr $580 , specials only tho


                      if linky doesnt take you to helmets, just pick helmets from side menu

                      other helmets ive been impressed with lately has been the new shark range


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                        My brother bought a black full face MDS i think for $130 and put a shoei sticker on it
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                        LET THOSE WHO RIDE DECIDE

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                          Not after a cheap crappy helmet, after a good value helmet. I think we all agree a $100 bucket is a $100 bucket.


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                            I´ll run by Rick Gills tomorrow and hit Helmet House Wednesday if I don´t find anything at Rick´s. I´ve had a look at but I´d prefer to try the helmet on first.

                            Thank´s for the tips.

                            Oh and you know you love the Honda.

                            And Bert I´ve got the boots, jackets, pants, and gloves already. Just looking to upgrade the helmet. But thank´s for your concern.


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                              find the brand & model you want, search the net for the best price, take price to dealer ask them to match it I got a $780 Shoei for $640 doing this. I won't say which dealer cos it was a huge favour & they probably don't want everyone coming in demanding discounts, but in the interest of the consumer... there's ya tip!