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  • Squid bike of preference....?

    Ok when I got into riding all of a few years ago the R1 was by reputation the Squid bike of choice.

    Do you think it's changed? This qn generally only applies to litre bikes, so the poll has the big four and 'other'. If you think It's other post it up.
    Other, (post it up)

    The poll is expired.

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      Hang on... define squid in this particular context.

      Wheelies whenever and wherever, or riding like a tool, or not wearing proper gear, or combinations of the above and more?
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        r1 is the genuine tool/squid bike.

        no exception.


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          I think the true squid also has a poser type mentality, eg. they're not really that skilled at riding and don't really care they just want to look like billy badass on their bike which is reason for not wearing gear as they don't care about 'wasting' money on gear they just want the cool bike, then their squid like behavior is punctuated perfectly by an act like flying past you at 160 only to slow down and wobble around a corner.

          As for bike I'd say the R1 still reigns supreme though I have seen unusual ones like a guy in a shirt and thongs on a nice new Ducati and a few weeks ago one morning I swear I saw a guy who looked like he was wearing trackies and a shirt with an open faced helmet on a shiny new ZX-14.


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            I see more squids on CBR600RR's than any other bike.

            I have noticed that more R1 riders wear protective gear than ever before. The stupidist acts i have seen which have only been saved by luck and not skill have been on Gixxers, but the by far the worst for Tee shirt and thongs is the CBR600. Not the 1000 thou, they are obviously scared by the power.
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              47.06% says it all

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                The ZX can trace it's lineage back to the Z1's from Mad Max, you don't get much Squiddlier than the Toe-Cutter running under a truck.
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                  Looking at what the FNR guys et al are turning up with these days, it seems that the Gixxer is contending with the R1 as the new motorcycling clitoris (ie every cnt has one).

                  But of course they're being ridden by mostly fairly confident and competent riders - not squids.
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                    byte doesnt have a bike so the bad rap r1"s were getting has decreased
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                      for me the determination of squid is a rider who lacks protective gear whilst riding - if they are a "cock" or a "tool" in their behaviour I dont class that as squidly - IMO that is

                      but all you R1/Gixxer/ZX10/CBR1000/Decmocedici/Tri(hard)Colore riders need some help - mentally that is

                      NOW the refined smart/coherent/awesome biked BUSA riders are in an excelled league of their own....but I digress

                      squids = bad dressers....not bad riders



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                        I've seen more squids on Squidzukis lately than anything else. But if you want to talk about bad riding...don't think any particular make/model takes the cake.


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                          Far out, all the new votes for R1, must be north of the river thing, cause in the deep south, we all wear gear and ride conservative.
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                            Originally posted by Hornet View Post
                            Hang on... define squid in this particular context.

                            Wheelies whenever and wherever, or riding like a tool, or not wearing proper gear, or combinations of the above and more?
                            Well... Squid by your own definition for the poll will do.
                            One or more combinations of the above apply.
                            I was particularly thinking of newbs stepping up to their first big bike without any of the common sense they should have pick3d up on their 250's / combined with the ol' every Cnuts got one syndrome.

                            It doesn't have to be based on fact just perception.

                            I reckon the ZX-10 has to be a contender.


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                              yer i agree with the captain... every bugger and his dog seems to have a gixxer these days!
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