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Fastway Courier service to Ellenbrook

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  • Fastway Courier service to Ellenbrook

    Hey guy,

    dont suppose anyone knows who the Fastway courier that services Ellenbrook/Henley Brook is ?? I have been waiting at home all day for a new laptop to be delivered and now the tracking suystem says they attempted to deliver it at 2:38pm which is fucked as I was out the front of the house from 2 - 3pm washing then waxing the bike. Grrr cannot get them on the phone, get a message saying 'your call cannot be taken at the moment and you cannot leave a message, call back later.

    I so want to stangle the fucker that said he tried to deliver it today. FASTWAY couries huh ! Parcel was shipped from Melp on 07 Dec, 10 friggin days ago!!

    No a happy camper at the moment

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    Fastway drivers are all franchisees. Try calling the depot, lodge a written complaint, that way it has to be addressed.

    My guess is it's one of the drivers who does the Midland run, and couldn't be arsed driving all the way out to you.
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      Hows this for a schedule?

      Date Time Franchise Status 0

      7/12/0700:00:00MelbourneYour parcel was picked up.

      07/12/0715:44:46MelbourneYour parcel is currently in transit between our Melbourne and Perth depots. more details

      14/12/0715:55:49PerthLeft by Courier - Your parcel is currently at our Perth depot. more details

      17/12/0708:27:11PerthOnboard - the parcel is onboard the Courier vehicle. more details

      17/12/0714:39:45PerthCalling Card Left - Delivery was attempted, the receiver was not available more details

      NO calling card was left there fore I have no contact number for them other that from and thats where i get the message no one there.. Thankfully I have tomorrow off and the fucker is going to get one hell of a serve when he finally does get here... Have sent them a message via their website tho I doubt that will do much !


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        MAybe complain loudly after you have you parcel, as they could fuck around with it more!!


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          Every time ive had that happen it has turned out to be th wrong address on the parcel
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