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  • Dirt bike locations

    There used to eb a dirt bike thread here, but probablt died due to lack of interest. sniff, sniff

    Question. Please.

    Living in the hills near Mundaring, and one of my sons has taken a dislike to Gorry Road.

    Probably because the first time we went there we became geographically embarrassed trying to find our way out.

    And I told him how I found the place....some kid crashed badly.

    Anyway, he doesn't want to go there.

    Moolah Road is O.K. but too close to too many people.....really don't want to upset the locals.

    Abernethy Road......O.K. but boring.

    So does anyone have any suggestions as to suitable locations for the kids and their bikes, (including this big kid), close to Mundaring/Glen Forrest.

    Please PM me if you don;t want to post in the open.

    Not a big fan of Gnangara Road, too many people going too many different ways.

    Cheers.. and tks muchly.

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    Expression of interest

    Just like to say that I would like to support this notion.

    Hope to get some riding experience.

    If any more seasoned and experienced riders care to get this one rolling, that be MIGHTY!



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      PM sent


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        My other half would be interested as he goes pretty much every weekend and is always looking for someone to go with

        He's done Gnangara, out Dwellingup way and down near Canning Vale.


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          Hows about the old prison grounds just off ashendon rd?
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            Metro Road? Bit far out though.


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              Originally posted by Scoundrel View Post
              Metro Road? Bit far out though.
              just up Brookton Hwy from the hills


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                Bartons Mill is great... I suck at giving directions, but i'm sure other people might know the way there. Has some nice trails to ride.


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                  Flynn road out by The Lakes Roadhouse/Chidlow used to be good. Havnt been there in a while tho.

                  I am up for helping you test a few places out tho. I ride in Lancelin pretty much 100% of the time and its getting boring. Have to be after Christmas now though as Chrissy has taken over my life.

                  In fact I might even start an EOI thread for a ride after Christmas / mid Jan.


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                    PIckering Brook
                    you can go via Welshpool rd to the end then turn right all the way on to the Gravel road. You go over Ashendon rd and you then reach a massive open area which used to be the prison or the what was called Bartons Mill. From there you can venture out to Flynn and Gorries road or to Mt Dale, you can even venture as far as Metro rd if you have the fuel. Plenty of tracks just make sure you take a GPS if you have Mapsource i can send my tracks to you.


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                      Barton Mills is a great legal area to ride. If you go to the top of whelshpool rd, right to the end and turn right. Follow that till it becomes dirt and keep following. You cross the fire trail for the High Voltage power lines, keep going straight. Then i think its about 300-400 metres the road splits, take the right fork and a short distance ahead is barton mills. large open areas heaps of shade and lots of tracks.
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                        If anyone starts up a thread my partner will definately be in and I may be if I get my quad for Christmas (fingers crossed)

                        FYI if anyone is interested in going for a ride on Saturday, the other half is going up to Mundaring for a bit of a fang. If you don't have a trailer, we have a 3 bike one and can fit it on ours


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                          Any proposed time and meet point?


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                            First, thanks to the folks who PM'd me.

                            I'm not much good at organising things, plus I do shift work, (working days Fri & Sat, nights Mon & Tues this week.

                            But if anyone wnats to set up a time & place, I'll be in.

                            Cheers, & tks again


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                              VA1 early Sarurday morning, say leave about 8am. Can meet at our place in Bentley and head on from there