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mc parking - near duxton hotel

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  • mc parking - near duxton hotel

    i know this topic has been done to death and i've done a search and also found the link to the google maps mc parking site but just wanted to know if anyone knew any other good all day parking spots near the duxton on victoria ave.

    got a new job round there so will need to find a suitable spot. would prefer it to be free (like a random bit of unused land that no parking inspectors will see ) but being realistic.. anywhere near the duxton with cheap rates.. cheers in advance

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    the old house near durack ctr was chained off recently, not sure if there's any others close by


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      Around the corner from Victoria Ave on the Terrace Rd (left when going towards Riverside Dr) get there early, there's a bike bay just around the corner and one a little further up, they sometimes park 2 deep and don't seem to get into trouble.

      Otherwise the undercover Concert Hall parking (half price meter) on Terrace right to the right off Victoria Ave.


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        also a street bike bay cnr Wilson and st geoges near the grosvner hotel

        but it might be in a "clearway?" in the mornings, not sure.

        also was a offstreet carpark just there, not sure if that is still going as they might have done a cheap bike spot?

        are there any on hay st near the firestation.

        and there is one on Terrace Rd just near hulla bulla bar (that might be one Stoneville said?

        can you park "all day" in the onstreet ones around there, is it the old "no place" to put a paid parking ticket can stay all day rule?
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          cheers guys.

          stoneville.. are those mc bays u mentioned all day spots? and if they arent.. what are the chances of getting a fine for parking all day in a 2P bay?


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            They are used as all day spots, same bikes (and scooters) every day, you'll no doubt be pushing someone out, but I only know Nuttybreakz who parks in one of them and don't seem to see her too often, Dave6 (?) parks his LE ZX6 further down the Terrace, towards Plain St so he'd know, but I think he and Gryphen are playing tag with the one in Bennet St ATM


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              The ones on Terrace road are the best bet, can park there all day for free but have to get in pretty early. I have seen bikes double up in the ones near me (Bennett Street) and never seen a fine on them.

              Haha, the 3 on Bennett street are always taken (myself and Mayhem on the two closer to Terrace road and Gryph just over the lights heading north on Bennett). Although I have seen fines on the Bennett street ones... swine inspectors...


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                you guys are too helpful. now myself and the guys i work with are gonna have to get in even earlier


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                  haha sorry mate... it'll only be for a while til uni starts again.. then i'll be casual so usually working wkends or wont be there early enuf


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                    only kidding mate. i only ride in once a week anyway.


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                      Grey Ghosts have been getting more active in recent weeks.... I'm paying $5 a day to park undercover in front of surveliance cams... peace of mind
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