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Lack of Quality Dealers

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  • Lack of Quality Dealers

    Just wondering if others are pissed off with the lack of customer service with the dealers here in Perth.

    I went into BMW this morning to get a quote for a replacement helmet (recently totaled my bike in Tasmania by hitting a kangaroo) and get given the line that they could not give a quote, eventually get given the price on the back of a business card. Oh and you will have to wait a week as we do not have any stock in that colour or size (silver, size 56 or something around there).

    What sort of crap service is this, all I needed was a piece of official paperwork to fax to the insurance company and they would have rung the shop and organised a new helmet. Instant easy sale.

    So I go to the Helmet House and all I need to do is give them all the details and they will right up the quote for a Shoei flip top and fax this to QBE.

    Guess who I have asked QBE to go with?

    Last year when I was looking for a new bike, same crap, the amount of times I walked out of a dealer after being ignored.

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    The two dealers I always go to for parts/accessories are Rick Gill Honda in Osb Park, and Jono at Lloyd Chapmans. I find pretty poor service everywhere else I go, other than those two.

    Just have to find a dealer or few that'll treat you properly, and stick with em.


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      do you look poor?


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        Funny you should mention this.

        My brother and myself have been discussing the poor service in bike shops since we returned to bikes. I have had two shops which gave me good service that being Honda down in Myaree and Pitstop.

        The old shop I used to buy all my gear from in Vic Park has changed hands and I wont be revisiting after the ignoring treatment. Seems the Helmet shop in Vic Park gets some good feedback here and they were good replacing the visor in my AGV.

        Most other bike shops I have been to seem to have a couldnt care less attitude to customers.

        I do not reward poor service by handing over my dollars to them.

        Kind of silly as I need to buy new boots, helmet and have already bought gloves, jacket and trousers. Rear tyre soon and have new front so you would think that a bit of service would have been worthwhile.



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          Don't worry, it's not just a motorcycle thing.

          Customer service in WA simply does not exist. One day maybe.


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            Personally I found all of my experiences with Causeway Kawasaki to be good. In fact, they went out of their way to accomodate me in some occasions.


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              There is/was a rate the shops thread perhaps a search would be enlightening.
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                From what I remember, PSB Staff don't look kindly on a 'Bash the shops' thread, as it ruins the relationships they have sought to build over the years. Personal grievances are one thing, but when everyone starts hammering every shop, it can't end well.

                I'm closing this before it turns nasty. Someone else might re-open it.
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