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The making - PSB Video

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  • The making - PSB Video

    As promised:

    If you can... you MUST!

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    Klink: I love you

    Thank you for all your hours hours of hard work. It might look all fun and games and farts, but to make something so professional takes time and talent.

    You're a real credit to PSB
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      10.81 BLADE

      I'm a flirtalicious


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        Where can I see the original?


        edit: Fucking pissed myself at Lovin' Feeling.
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          my puter won't bring up the vid just get a big white square to look at
          guess I miss out


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            .. had the crowd highly entertained; SG is real acting talent; romance isn't dead

            To all those peeps at the table whose name I asked, got told, and promptly forgot ('cept Rottogirl who had a remarkable influence on the PSB stats), nice ta meet ya, cya out there

            Thanks to everyone at PSB, my extended family, for making my year that much better, bring on 08.
            .. and thats Racer # 193 to y'all; my fabulous sponsors (who all do good shit) are: Graeme Fleming IT Consultants, Vision Image, Pacific Safety Wear, Excess Power Equipment, Pro Photo Booth

            .. and according to Sean'o: 'get the Kwaka (never thought i would say that!)'


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              If you ever need/want an extra hand for production/post production I'm a pretty media-minded guy (I'm doing Screen at TAFE next year and did the beginner course this year) and always after experience.

              Again, sweet. The finished product looks great too.
              Feels good man.


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                Good work guys was awesome to watch and a good laugh looks like you all had a blast making this


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                  BAHAHAHAHAAAAA......thats friggin piss funny...
                  Great work!!!
                  Riding - Living the dream...


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                    What a laugh, thanks boys


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                      Originally posted by NikyNoo View Post
                      my puter won't bring up the vid just get a big white square to look at
                      guess I miss out
                      Yea me too - what do you need puter wise to look at this?? ANy chance of a wmv verison or somehting??
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                        about 2 mins remaining into the vid.. dont they just make the most perfect rendition ?

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                          Nearly as good as this...

                          [ame=]YouTube - Top Gun style proposal[/ame]
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                            This video is definitely not dial up friendly... but I'm glad I waited the 5 hours it took to load the entire video...
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                              :awesome: That was great