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my sis wants to test ride a 700 monster

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  • my sis wants to test ride a 700 monster

    she's got her heart set on a ducati monster and wants to test ride a 700 (i didn't know they came in 700..?). she's worried she'll be too short for it, i think.

    anyway, where's the best place to look for secondhand monsters? i know nothing about ducati dealerships in/around perth.

    NOR or SOR, we're willing to drive around.

    if anyone's got any ideas, would love to hear them. or if you've just got some general advice about buying a monster, let me know!


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    I like monsters, had a 600 as my first bike, was pretty awesome, and I'm a midget
    Servicing costs/times where a bitch though
    If she has trouble with the seat height, you could always trim the seat, they have loads of excess padding ya can lose!

    Good luck with the hunt :grin:
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      Yes 695...

      My bad...

      Check it...
      Ducati Australia&New Zealand

      They are calling the new model a 696, but I reckon they look shit..

      For everything you could ever want to know about Monsters, check this place...
      Ducati Monster List Home


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        nice one, thanks everyone. she's not a super-midget so seat height should be fine!

        you've never been lost until you've been lost at 200km/h


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          i always liked the monster 600 when it came out, the entire series are perfect street bikes.
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            Any excuse to post pictures of my S4R...


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              Awww Rich, I want pretty pictures like that of my baby.......
              She's a pretty red monster..

              Oh and as for Monster height, yeah they are low with the new Monster the lowest yet evidently.
              I know Pattos in Bunbury have lowered a Monster quite a bit if your Sis is a shorter midget.
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                More pics of sis on bike pls kthxbai


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                  If she's not in a hurry to buy, new 696 is due out sometime early/mid 08
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                    You can be forgiven Rich.... I have it on my short list along with SV650S
                    Would really like a Buell but bank balance does not agree
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                      Originally posted by rc_sam View Post
                      If she's not in a hurry to buy, new 696 is due out sometime early/mid 08
                      The 696 is ugly in my opinion...

                      Funny headlight and the area below the seat, on the sides doesn't look good either...

                      But decide for yourself...
                      MONSTER 696


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                        wendylee or wendylee1 on this forum has a 620 monster and she is short (but in a good way) and she had the bike lowered for her , pm her for any questions.

                        servicing dunno , ive found justin at pro-twin to be pretty good, the 6k service on the sc1000 was $368 bux, dont ask aout the 20K serivce on the 749 tho :o

                        cheers dc


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                          thanks for the info guys! am starting my search now.... Ali


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                            There was also a 750 monster avalible from the late 90's? There was one for sale on PSB in the last three months or so. It was latter replaced buy the 800 ad there is also the S2R which is an 800 as well just to expand your options and so you don't feel obliged to settle for the poverty pack 600/620.
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                              I have a 750 monster.. I got it from dale britton causeway.. give them a call and see if they have one there. Im not exactly short.. iv ridden everything from R1's gixx1000 and i love my monster..the only thing i cant touch the ground on is my sweeds wr450..DAM IT!!

                              He let me ride the monster on me R "Ls"...awsome stuff..saw the my "L"s went back the next day..test rode it and bought it..sweet..would always recomend dale brittens. Have always treated me really well..then again out of all the bike shops i have been too i really think only one or two have fobbed me off..

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