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4 year qualification for shadow & UK license.

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  • 4 year qualification for shadow & UK license.

    I've a mate who has been riding in the UK for many years, come to Aus and converted their UK to R class (as is possible in WA). He has been in Oz for less than 4 years and I wanted to know if the 4 year to shadow R class requirement will allow overseas equivalent classes to to make up for part of the 4 years?


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    Technically, I think it is 4 years of holding a WA R licence. Having said that I doubt you'd have a problem.
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      I can see the coppers having an issue if they want to pick on you, but if it went to court it would probably get tossed out as the experience (and comparable license) IS there.

      If you're over 30 or so I don't think the cops would look twice as long as you've got 'R' stamped on your license.


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        I shadow, haven't had my WA licence for that long, but had my UK licence for a looong time...


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          I suppose the best way to look at it is: was the licence directly transferred, or did he have to resit?

          If the gov't deems the licence good enough to be equivalent to an Aussie R class, then you will be fine.

          But this is not legal advice, it might be best to phone and ask, as logic and reason usually have nothing at all to do with licencing.
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            Its a direct transfer for a UK 'R' class to an Aussie R class
            same as car licence


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              It's held the class for 4 years, not held the class in WA for 4 years. Just try to remember to carry your UK licence with you so that you can prove this promptly if required, as a rule you want things to stay out of court in the first place.

              Once you have your learner’s permit, you can learn to drive.
              When you are learning, you MUST ALWAYS be accompanied by either:
              • a licensed driving instructor; or
              • a person who holds a current and valid licence and has held the class of licence specified on your permit for at least 4 years.
              A person who has held a current driver's licence for at least 2 years can teach you to ride a moped if you have a moped learner’s permit.


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                Yeah just another "it would get thrown out of court" comment.

                The UK licensing system is far more stringent than ours... and if you can survive on teh road over there with the associated black ice, narrow country lanes, etc.... well, riding here should be a walk in the park, apart from the dickhead in car factor....
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