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  • Buying tyres

    Just curious for the average cost, and well priced dealers?

    For instance my first quote for Pirelli Diablos was $494, and Michelin Pilot Road 2 at $500 pair.

    Who do people usually prefer to deal with?

    Any help appreciated

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    Tyres for bikes.
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      +1 4 t4b

      Pete's a nice bloke, prices are fair etc.
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        I got a quote for Michelin pilot power2 $460 not fitted, add $30 for fitting.
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          420-500 for pretty much any of the name brands tyres for bikes are great people but I choose to support the bike shop that looks after my bike. Up to you in the end.
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            Originally posted by Aphex View Post
            Tyres for bikes.
            +1 ^^^


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              Bought last 6 sets of tyres off Pete, great bloke......great prices..............

              Last tyre change, the rear tyre was loosing air, he replaced the valve first, then the complete stem, then re-seated the tyre...........all for nothing..........nice bloke.......

              Plus, he will try to help, even if it is out of hours....................


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                Originally posted by PiJiL View Post

                Bought last 6 sets of tyres off Pete, great bloke
                Plus, he will try to help, even if it is out of hours....................
                +1 ^

                he has fit every tyre i have ever run for the last 10 years.

                i have never asked him how much or go through any haggling bs. once he noticed i kept coming back the tyres became cheaper.

                he also does my chains and sprockets, because i trust his work which i think is more important than saving $10 here or there.
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                  Craig at Pitstop. He has always done the right thing by me and greets me with a cheerful 'oh no, what are you doing here'.


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                    My mate just picked up the back and front Pilot Power 2CT's for his R6, I think he paid $590 or something like that at Tires for bikes. They have the good prices and stock of the most popular tires. Quick and friendly service too.


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                      Tyres for Bikes do all my tyres...

                      If you are a repeat customer you get looked after...


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                        Have shopped around over time and found Craig at Motorcycle Pitstop to give
                        the best deal to suit me.

                        And a plus, he has shitloads of other gear in there as well.


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                          +1 for T4B

                          Great service and advice
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                            Neil Anderson - ProFlo - 0410 654 954
                            Will always do a great price and look after you and your bike.


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                              Have to put in a plug for Aaron at Rilusi in Morley. Did me a very good deal on Diablos, even scrubbed them in for me.
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