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    G'day guys,

    Im looking at moving to Kalgoorlie for work, ill be there for ~18months, question is what to do with my baby,

    do i sell/trade it on a KTM400/450EXEC so that i can play in the dirt as well? that also opens the possibility for a set of motard rims down the track!

    i like riding on wkends and kal wont offer much in the way of fun riding for the 636 :cry: anyone want to make on offer on it?

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    Being an ex-Kalgoorlie boy I would suggest getting rid of the roadbike. There's nowhere to ride and if you do ride to nowhere there's just shite loads of gravel and blackfellas just lying all over the road anyway.

    My advice is sell the 636 and get a real trailie. You will have hella fun and there is so many places to ride. Kal tailing dams, Boulder x-cross, the mine shaft jump spot north of Hannans, and of course, Adeline to dodge the boongs throwing bottles at yout.

    You can't go past the WR450.

    "What's that?" you say, "Melkor is endorsing a Yamaha?"

    I am. WR450 is definately king of the dirt.

    Unlike road when it's the gsx1000r.

    goddamn yamaha riding panzies


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      Go dirt young man you wont be sorry.... :twisted:

      "Nothing to see here move along"


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        Ex Kal, too. *Points Up* What they said.

        Nothing but long straight boring roads around kal.

        But lots fun to be had in the scrub. Go the dirt bike!


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          I personally would keep the green machine. Plenty of straights to practice wheelies and endos etc. 18 mnths of practice you could be awesome. granted it is only a six but maybe trade it on a k2 gixxer and have money for your traily.
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            Get both, Get a moto x bike and keep the kawaka for the long boring trips to perth do it in half the time you can in a car!

            Adeline is a really nice area, the neighbours are really friendly too!

            What ever bike you get when your down there keep it in the house! sleep next to it if you have to, things go missing down there..........


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              Go dirt young man you wont be sorry.... :twisted:
              Yeah, wot he said!!!


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                what prices are you hoping to get for each?????
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                  Well, wat a pickle u r in! But.... if you do decide to sell it, let me know!!


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                    EX Kal boy myself flog the road bike too much red dust, gravel, diesel and spoon drains to ride.

                    Nearly everyone in Kal has a traily


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                      pm me elite and ill tell you all!