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  • 2c ...FYI

    Guys and Girls.

    This aint no trumpet blow, so don't think it is.

    This is in reply to countless emails i have received.

    The story so far....

    I wanted a pocket bike and so did a little research and found I was gonna pay too much, so i asked everyone else and they were in the same boat.

    So my research led me to an idea that WE do a bulk purchase and benefit from the cost savings and maybe i might pull one for free - happy days.

    I made some calls and emails and did a shit load of reading to find out what i had to do to get them here legally.

    So I put out the call, and to my surprise and joy, the community responded very favourably.

    Now all the community had to do was rock up north or south of the river, pay their monies and wait eagerly for the product.

    I have since started a business out of this to make sure all is legal like and to make sure WE and all of our friends can still benefit with great pricing on these products.

    I have at no time lied or been deceitful about my supplier or delivery OR ANYTHING ELSE.

    I have since offered my own pocket bike to a forum member who wants one badly and am giving one away at the PSB track day in February.

    I myself simply can't afford, initially, to bring in a heap of different models at once and my intentions are to bring them in very often and to undercut all the pricks who want to charge $1000 for a $500 bike.

    In closing:

    If you want to bring in bikes - please do.
    If you can/will do a better price than me - please do.
    If you want info that I got off my sizeable butt to research - find it ya self.
    If you are'nt happy with my pricing - thats cool.
    If you buy one at a place and pay more than I am charging, AND YOU ARE HAPPY - I AM HAPPY.

    If you want particular bikes as an individual, please post a poll and I WILL BRING IN WHAT YOU WANT AS A GROUP.

    ANY SUGGESTIONS ARE REALLY APPRECIATED (as all this is new to me).

    I CAN TAKE CRITICISM, BUT POSITVE INPUT (as i have received from many ppl already) IS GREATLY APPRECIATED.

    PS..keep an eye out for the updated website.

    Thanx for your support.


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    Re: 2c ...FYI

    .....and maybe i might pull one for free - happy days.
    Sounds fair enough.

    I have since offered my own pocket bike to a forum member who wants one badly and am giving one away at the PSB track day in February.
    Doing all that work and going without a P/B!
    Damn dude, that sounds rough.

    Well ya can't go completely without.....what beer ya drink and I'll bring a carton along to the pickup.


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      Thanx dugy....


      this thread is not a "woe is me"

      its just some info, and i havent done half the work Deej has, or hewie klink and the guys who helped make this site all live.

      Its just a note to cover some info on a few emails that i have been getting and, as I am occasionally known to sprout my feelings straight up, I havent replied to them coz i didnt know what to say diplomatically.




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        I hope no ones putting the wind up ya, The fact that YOU have gotten off your arse and did all the home work to make it happen, and have kept every one well informed and up todate is a credit to you 8) At the end of the day you could of done nothing :idea:

        Top job Dubs 8)


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          Hey Dubs,

          I'd imagine that most people are real impressed with the groundwork you've put in to get a shipload(!) of bikes heading our way!

          Perhaps you ought to consider a reasonable margin for the 2nd and subsequent shipments. I'm sure the majority would be happy to see you come away with something to compensate for your time & trouble.

          My2c: As for the current state of play - i'd like to see everyone (1st shipment recipients) chip in for a few Bike DVD's (or something) for PerthPocketBikes' main man.

          Sprint 8)
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            werd like a muther fucker.

            So on the eight day, after wasting time faffing about with unimportant guff like heaven & earth & the waters & sky & creatures [& having a wee kip] & man.... God created PSB (GenesiSX-R1000)


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              Dubs if it wasnt for you we would all be saying f#$%king pocket bikes are sooooooooooooo expensive and we is getting ripped off.

              you have been totally straight up with everything and everyone


              my 2c...........if you dont like what dubs is doing buy your pocket bikes
              A site all parents should check regulary



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                i can see us organising a DUBS CUP RACE in honour of the man that made it possible
                A site all parents should check regulary



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                  Hey to all ive been looking at pocket bikes since ive seen them on this forum. Dubs has been very straight up and really deseves a HUGE CONGRATS . Most of the other pricks in perth selling them want a shit load of money for them just a small example causway yamaha are selling the R1 replicas for $1750 considering they bought them for $580 . Dubs the next round of pocket bikes count me in


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                    Dubs, you're on a really good thing here mate and like I said on the weekend, it's only going to get bigger. You've put the hard yards in and it'll probably get a little harder but it's going pay off, not only for you but for everyone who buys a pocketbike off ya.

                    Much, much respect for ya for doin this!!! You know you got my support and the support of a lot of people!!

                    Big it up bro! 8)


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                      Dubs has worked his arse off to make this happen for all the PSB crew.

                      Respect to da dubmeister.
                      Some say he eats sidchrome for breakfast

                      Some say he only showers on even days of the week

                      Some say he put an R1 motor in a coffee machine

                      All we know is he's Hewie.


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                        *kisses Dubs on the cheek*


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                          Maxed up respect to ya Dubs, sterling work.


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                            Tell the people complaining to suck yer cock... No, wait, tell em to suck mine! Say it, say SUCK PACS COCK.

                            God damn turncoats.

                            We all know you're the MAD NOTE, W
                            Whoever is unjust, let him be unjust still

                            Whoever is righteous, let him be righteous still

                            Whoever is filthy... let him be filthy still


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                              For what my 2c is worth ...I have never met Dubs (but hope to soon) (I didnt even get around to giving him the money in person (but thanks jo! ) but from everything I have seen of Dubs (through his posts) and the prices I have seen around perth and the rest of Oz I am more than happy with Dubs and his efforts.

                              I dont know what peoples problems are but - remember, this may turn into a business (and best of luck to Dubs!!) but when this started (from what I can gather) it was just one person who got some inspiration/initiative and got off his arse to do something about doing something for himself and was kind enough to let everyone else benefit from his work.

                              As Dubs said... if you feel you can do better... go for it. Personally I doubt it. (I have looked around a fair bit)

                              Respect to Dubs... you da pocket-bike man!!.

                              Still happily looking forward to racing round on my two little 'uns.

                              That said, the only problem with the pocket bikes so far is actually with ME....
                              I'm an impatient bugger - (ask GPX_Gal) - and CANT WAIT!!!!
                              (yet I am getting them for a very good price and I am more of a tight-arse than impatient )