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Amazing MotoGP and World SuperBike pics

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  • Amazing MotoGP and World SuperBike pics

    Just thought I'd share...

    check out and click on your choice of motorsport... the smaller pics within the articles can be clicked on for fullsize. They look great printed out at A4 size too.....

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    You know you're a man after my own heart . . . . sweet italian styling
    you eat ships
    you taste wrong
    you isolate and desolate
    you are not home to man;
    yours is the
    subtlest beauty.


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      . . . . sweet italian styling
      There is an Alberti grooming the forrest on his chest floating around here somewhere if you like Italians

      Alberti, sounds like an I Tie motorbike manufactura. The Alberti Tornado

      pic from that website, thanks for the link ARSV Guy
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