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  • Insurance!

    Hi all, I'm a newbie to this forum. I've met a couple of you out on the road but only been riding 4 or 5 months.

    I'd just like to comment on this quote from SGIO this morning. I currently ride a '95 600 fireblade with no insurance. I rang SGIO and told them my details - male, no previous claims, had my license for two years, 20 yrs old, and said I want full comp on a new '03 blade. The answer was rediculous. (You cant even get fire + theft if the bike's worth more than 5k) Anyway..

    The voice on the other end of the phone was hesitant to even tell me the numbers his computer was displaying. He told me there would be an excess of $250, plus $600 because of my age.. (fair enough I guess) and $6,800 per year. Ha ha, he even put me on hold for five minutes to ask his supervisor why it is so expensive. I dont know how the other insurance agency's match up to our friends at SGIO, I guess I'll be making a few calls just to find out if it is at all plausible for a 20 yr old to have insurance on a decent bike.

    I'll post some more details if anybody seems interested. This whole bike insurance thing is new to me, I know most of you guys have probably gone through all the rigmarole already.

    Going off on a tangent here, I saw a post earlier regarding the 04 "blade" (or is it gonna be the "rcb 1000"?) coming out in September. Does that mean here in WA September or does that mean like, Japan/US September? Any more recent news?

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    hey mastrmage,

    i got similar response from our friendly SGIO insurer.

    I found best price from Swann insurance, just go into your local bike shop

    ..... (or see pete at Causeway Honda and tell him P.E. sent ya......)

    and they should be able to sort u out. Theyre the cheapest and the friendliest as far as two wheels are concerned. Unfortunately its still gunna be 1-2k cos of ur age, anyhow good luck with it.


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      I don't know where SGIO is going but I had a similar experience with my new K3.

      The old zx-12r was $800 for 12k with swann and roughly the same when quoted by SGIO.

      The new K3 I was quoted as $2300 with SGIO at 60% NCB, no at fault crashes or tickets and 28yo rider.

      Swann quoted me $1200 which is much more reasonable considering my new bike is roughly 50% more expensive than my last bike and 50% more expensive on insurance.

      Bike insurance is expensive, it comes with the territory, and more so if you're under 25, or don't have a NCB or have multiple tickets or traffic offences (or all three).

      Try swann and see how you go.


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        I've just discovered another player in the insurance biz...

        Called Aurora

        Dunno if they are any good, but i have asked for a quote - so shall let you know...B-)
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          I currently ride a '95 600 fireblade with no insurance.

          I'm guessing you mean a CBR600F3? It's not a 'blade. Hell, even a CBR250RR isn't really a "babyblade".

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            Does anyone have the card that Swann use to determine premiums? As I can't exactly get to a bike shop...

            Also, looks like Aurora won't cover us young lads, gotta be 25+ for them.


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              Cost me $2200 thru swann to get a $12500 R1 insured w/ 20% NCB. I am 22 w/ no prior accidents/licence loss/speeding fines etc. God bless radar detectors...

              Still, it's pretty fkn expensive though.. They don't trust us youngies.. in saying that, I already fell off once this year but didn't claim cuz it wasn't worth it. It's basically just write-off protection.



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                Yeah, I was 19 when I registered the RS125.. and brand new it wasn't cheap. That said, once I turn 21 (which happened a while ago) the premium would drop heaps; however I sold it before that happened.

                Anyone wanna look up what it'd cost a 21yo, 40% NCB to insure a 748? No prior anythings..


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                  When i was turnin 25 i thought WOOHOO my bike insurance was goin down, but was sadly informed that it would be when i got to 30 (Swann).

                  dont know if this is still the case now.

                  I have THE 96 ZX9 and i pay $620 for 12 months comprehensive to insure it for $12600

                  hope it helps...


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                    $1140 through swann for my gsxr600 for $10k full comp cover and im 23 with a loss of license 4 years ago, SGIO wanted about $1300 out of me and I told them to fuck off if that was the best they could do after Ive been with them for 6 years or so now. I think Swann rewards those who have been with them for a while coz my mate insured his blade for $10k and it cost him somewhere in the order of $900 even after having made a claim for a bike stolen from him, same age as me too, just no loss of license.

                    1 more year, no more loss of license on my 5 year record and Ill be over 24, cant wait
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                      well our friendly's at swann won't insure me!!! I was with them for a year made a claim...$5500 worth (which yes they should have written my bike off which i purchased for $8,500, but somehow neglected too) charged me $1200 for excess + 1200 for the year, let me serve out my year then said they would no longer insure me!!!

                      I can't get insurance for my bike. No loss of license.

                      It comes down to a plain and simple fact....if you f*ck're gonna pay then and after.

                      be very careful when making any claim!!! They are all vultures!!!
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                        Sup Mastrmage, welcome to the forums.

                        A bum deal man. Swann is your only real option for bike insurance in Perth.

                        Pop into Causeway Honda with your bike and speak to Jeff or Chookie and they will be able to arrange insurance on the spot for you with Swann.


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                          Ohhh and re the release of the 04 RCB, they are talking the release to the public in September this year but as with the K3 Gixer Thousand, they will not begin the production run until Jan 04 which means first bikes on the floor by April/May.

                          First bike on MY floor I should say !

                          So on the eight day, after wasting time faffing about with unimportant guff like heaven & earth & the waters & sky & creatures [& having a wee kip] & man.... God created PSB (GenesiSX-R1000)


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                            Churchy: Like the old adage sadly.. they're only as good as when you come to make a claim

                            What I really need is an insurer who will do short-term insurance, or a specified amount of km/year. Anyone?


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                              Oh yer... what do Swann think about modified bikes?

                              The bike I'm looking at is a Duke 748, but has a 955cc kit..