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Rider down north of river

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  • Rider down north of river

    I just heard on the radio not 15mins ago that a rider has gone down near warwick road on the freeway... no details or if he/she is ok. No matter who it is god that's awful but I hope it was none of you guys..... be safe all...
    Meisha.... Personal Trainer.... And Lovin it!!!

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    Anyone else got any details. Hope whoever they are is ok!


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      gonna listen to the radio news now for 11.... let u know if there's any more details...
      Meisha.... Personal Trainer.... And Lovin it!!!


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        sigh... they said nothing....
        Meisha.... Personal Trainer.... And Lovin it!!!


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          hope they were ok
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            does anyone have a scanner that they use? my bro has one and picks up all kinds of shit on it hey. might be helpful for picking up info on this sort of thing :?
            or maybe not :shock:


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              I'll be getting my scanner up soon.....DJNitrous used to have an online scanner for WAPOL....but it got lost somewhere I think....when I get off my ass and around to it....I'll get mine up so you can all listen in.
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                being towies, we've got scanners on 24/7. we don't listen to all the channels tho, just the two that cover our area (Belmontish) but will be sure to let y'all know if we hear anything.


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                  unfortunately we had another go down in morley last night was bad too he suffered extreme head trauma an didnt make it
                  sounds a bit suss tho, a copper said he appears to have hit the curb and skewered off into a cromlins bin, sounds like hit an run mabye
                  my dad told me about it this morning at work he came thru just after the cops an ambo got there

                  please ride safe and be carefull every1 you have to many people that will miss you