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    Some time ago (probably close to a year now) I found out that Schuberth finally has an Australian distributor. When they popped up on my radar, I asked them via FB if they plan to get into Perth. They said they were negotiating already. Meanwhile my C3 that I bought from Italy before the ECE regs were implemented here, is getting close to being 5 years old, so I am looking at replacing it with a C4 Pro Carbon. So I asked again about local presence, but the situation has not changed. There are a few shops over east that supposed to stock the helmets, but even that is patchy at best. So before I discarded Schuberth as a replacement choice, out of frustration, decided to give the importer a ring.

    They answered right away and had a very enlightening conversation. It appears the conglomerates that run the bike shops/brands in this country do not want to let Schuberth in, afraid of taking business away from other premium brands like Shoei or Arai I guess. Whatever the reason is, it's easier to get a Schuberth via eBay than your local shop. Because of this, the importer decided to sell to the public direct, especially to states like WA, SA and Tassie, where there are no shops selling (at least on paper) the brand.

    He took my order but warned me that the Carbon lids only just started to come out from the factory, so it'll be a while before he gets his order over. He tempted me quite seriously with the C4 prices. He is selling the C4 (non pro) graphics for $645 plus postage at cost and the solid colour C4 lids for $560 +P&H. These are bloody good prices, given the current "strength" of the Aussie Dollar. Schuberth helmets come with 5 year Australian based warranty.

    So, if you want to get a C4, this is your chance. Give them a ring on (02) 8004 6083. I have no affiliation with them, other then having placed an order for two helmets.

    Keep in mind that the C4 has a more oval shape fit than the C3's round oval. The C4 Pro returned to the round oval. This is why I won't by the C4. Given the discussion on this forum a couple of years ago about Schuberth helmets, I thought it might be worth mentioning this here, in case anyone is interested.

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    Think Andy Strapz do them too
    Harvey community radio has a motorcycling show listen over the web here ,Facebook here yes I am the goose that hosts it.