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Infringement for parking in public car bay

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  • Infringement for parking in public car bay

    I was recently fined $75 by the City of Perth for parking my motorbike in a car bay on Hay Street, has anyone else experienced this?

    I thought I was doing the right thing by reverse parking close to the dividing line between 2 bays so 2 other cars could still use the bays. The display signage says "2P" and I was parked there for less than an hour, obviously paid for the period I was parked there as well.

    The council infringed me for the following: Offence 2.3(4)(a) Stopped a motorcycle in a bay not marked M/C.

    I don't frequently park my bike in the City but I believe that motorcycles can park anywhere a car is allowed?

    Is this worth contesting?

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    I've been warned before - I didn't think it would be an issue as I was still paying on the meter but apparently its a no no


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      Naah, not worth it.

      Second bullet point from the link below states "You must park in a marked motorcycle bay. Parking in a regular bay will attract an infringement."

      And here's everything you never wanted to know about parking in the city, page 43 refers to MC parking:

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        Well I would expect that would be as illegal as parking a car in a motorcycle bay...only more wasteful.
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          The PCC needs all the money they can get....since all of them are crooked...or appear to be. Not many MC bays left are there?...and dont you now have to pay for the ones that are there?
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