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    Originally posted by thro View Post

    Whilst I admire the commitment... it's just something else someone has to commit to installing, and I'm not sure that building something on top of the forum (i.e., auto-scraping it for data because the end user doesn't log in) will help with the running costs, which I'm sure are a thing.

    I'm not sure what the "solution" is, but I think as far as PSB the social circle goes the eventual replacement will be something that isn't a forum.

    Maybe google groups + IRC or something of the like? (Back to old-school usenet + IRC, lol).
    Yeah, agreed, one more app...I guess it was more about having notifications when a ride is on / in your area as a way of notifying someone in a dedicated manner, so not even using it for chatting or anything... Facebook just isn't really conducive of proper threads is it, it's so hard to find anything, search is shit etc, I guess the big draw was the regular rides, that's what got people together and then the forum kind of followed because everyone knew each other.. Not sure if making an app to 'find rides in your area' (maybe it could find hot singles in your area too?) would stimulate more people to add more regular rides / easier to find a ride..
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      I think that perhaps the first thing that needs to be identified are the problems people have that prevent them from being involved.

      I think IRC + Google groups (usenet) would actually be a workable solution to fix some of the reliability/maintenance issues, but it's a lot more old school and not as flashy. But, they also don't involve the massive invasion of privacy like social media such as Facebook incur.

      IRC can be very resilient to failure as it runs on a network of many servers
      Ditto for usenet

      That would solve the issue of the forum software going down or having to be paid for by someone to run it.

      But that's not the only issue. I'm sure there are plenty of others.
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