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Starting Motorcycles that have been stored.

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  • Starting Motorcycles that have been stored.

    Could someone please give me constructive advice on what I need to do before starting two motorbikes that have been in storage for approximately 20 months. Both fuel injected one a V twin 2005 and the other inline 4 2016. Both had services summer 2019 and stored with full tanks of fuel. Thanks.

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    Here is what I would do: check the state of the oil and coolant. Make sure levels are ok and oil looks like new.If all that checks out and the battery was on a charger (or newly fitted), I would just fire it up.

    The general consensus is that both oil and fuel may have some water ingress from the ambient air. But if the tanks were full, the minimal air access through the tank vents will have negligible effect over 20 months. Same for the oil. If it was freshly changed before the bikes were stored away, I would just use it. To be on the safe side, change the oil half the term prescribed in the bikes' manuals. The fuel may break down but not very likely. Change it if in doubt.

    Before you ride anywhere, check the brakes and make sure they feel as they should. Tyre pressure also needs to be looked at.

    That's about it.


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      I think BP guarantee 98 for 12months, if stored in a sealed container (they consider a fuel tank 'sealed') but I'd be ditching the fuel.
      If it's easy enough to get to, pull the wires to the coil, crank it for 20seconds or so to get oil around everything and flush some of the stale fuel out of the injectors.

      My Z1000 wasn't ridden for a decent period after a service and the oil had bled back and it wouldn't get oil pressure once started. But that's apparently a known problem with those bikes. 20seconds of cranking should see the oil light go out.


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        Replace the fuel, fuel goes off Thunderbird would know
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          I wouldn't worry too much provided the bikes were stored in a relatively cool place, which should help prevent fuel evaporation which would lose some of the "lighter" components of the fuel.

          Fuel stabiliser & injector cleaner are products that help in this situation though this situation looks like it's after the fact.

          I have had fuel injected bikes sit for 1-2 years with full tanks with fuel stabiliser run with no issue & bikes with no stabiliser with no additive sit for several months run with no issue.


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            Thank you one and all...
            Think I am armed with enough information.