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  • First non lams bike

    Hi Guys,

    Got my full license about 3 years ago but haven’t got a derestricted motorcycle yet.

    I have been riding a lot, over 50,000km in the last 4 years. This has been on a dr650 and about half was on dirt roads (been dual sporting)

    I was looking to get a 2010ish street triple. I don’t think they come with traction control and had read that they may not be the best bike to start with in that class due to the high mid range torque (ie loose traction in the corner if you are too heavy/early on throttle)

    So my question: is this a bad bike to start with as my first “big bike”?

    I was also considering a derestricted MT07 but have always wanted a triple so would prefer that if its not a poor choice.

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    If you're half as competent as you seem, the DR on gravel/dirt roads should have given you a reasonably steady hand on the Throttle, I'd say you'll have no problems on a Street triple. Follow your dreams.


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      You’ll be fine, I had a Daytona ( almost the same engine) for a couple of years and while the power is good it’s definitely not intimidating, it a very good street engine and is enough to keep you interested for a decent amount of time.


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        Sounds like a good choice, and you've always wanted a triple.........

        prolly better than derestricting an MT
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