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The new Lane Split Laws

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  • The new Lane Split Laws

    Surprising this topic isn't on PSB. The TLDR question: How will we, as motorcyclists, now safely ride within the constraints of these dangerous new motorcycle specific laws?

    As most know, some wonderful people decided to create new laws under the W.A. Road Traffic Code to stop us doing what we have been doing since 4 wheeled vehicles started congesting our roads and 2 wheeled vehicles could go around or between them.

    I define this as "Lane Splitting". It was certainly legal under the Code's overtaking laws and I've been doing it since the 70's.

    The Wonderful People coined a new term: "Filtering" and started a decade long stealth operation to force bike riders to "join the queue".

    These laws are now in force. A curious bystander would think the new laws are about jealousy. WHAAA! Join the queue, you reprobate! You don't join the queue, then GO TO GAOL!

    Motorcyclist had no problems complying with or interpreting the previous and in fact current, overtaking laws. They allowed motorcyclists to legally do what they've done for decades. Move through congested large vehicle traffic with the bonus for everyone, reducing congestion.

    Unfortunately, new motorcycle specific laws were put in place that destroys that ability to reduce congestion.

    Here's what you can no longer do and will be hunted and prosecuted for going anywhere near doing the following:

    Move between or around cars on the freeway. EVER.

    Move between or around stationary and slow moving cars anywhere that has a 40KPH sign posted.
    This includes the whole of the CBD!

    Being able to move ahead of stop start traffic and avoid the risk of being
    caught between vehicles travelling from 0kph to +30kph.

    If you cannot see the outright danger of these new laws, please apply to join these clowns:

    Their HiVis clad babysitters can marshal you from one ride location to another.
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    So you can still do it on the freeway?


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      Meh not bothered will carry on as per usual.
      "Some people are like clouds. When they disappear it's a beautiful day"


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        Originally posted by Bigblandy57 View Post
        So you can still do it on the freeway?
        No. Nor can you do it in areas signposted 40kph.

        The Halo_2 approach is the correct one.
        The crux of the biscuit is the apostrophe.


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          Yeah freeways is just the dumbest thing ever, the whole point is to be able to streamline congestion, bike takes up a car spot. In almost stationary traffic moving less than 60km/h the freeway filtering would still work under the normal rules of filtering, but NOOOo, its just for traffic lights essentially. Like it still better than nothing, but the laws we had prior worked much better: Lane sharing permitted, overtaking on the right. Just add that freeway is upto 40km/h in near stationary traffic on the right and center lane on the right of the cars, and that would fix all issues. I agree with 40km/h splitting as in the city there is no fuckign room anyway, and at school zones it just makes sense.

          Also needs to update that roundabouts are still no filtering, which again makes no sense, but also does as roundabouts drivers focus looking to the right, so might not see a bike there, but at the same time if the traffic isnt moving anywhere and isnt going to move for a long time, whats the diff.

          Seems like one of those stupidity cases where the nanny state under considered the real world utility of filtering, and instead went the safe route to make laws non arbitrary as they have been previously.

          But i still see bikes acting as usual. So perhaps its one of those if caught, its enforced laws. And the only way to catch you is for cops to physically see you and pull you over. Good fucking luck! On congested freeways only a bird (chopper or plane) can catch you, and everywhere else if its stationary traffic where are they going to go lol. So for all of us it seems its lane splitting etiquette as usual lol, just dont be a dickhead and dont fuck shit up, as the laws are now clear. If you see a cop its back to being a cager bitch inline, no cops and see ya later. If they do try to chase, they will just stay stuck and you can proceed to clear mini bike lane between cars. Clearly there should have been more presence of actual bikers, maybe organized psb event to present our voices ont he proposal. But the cunts were shifty and proceeded to do all this whilst psb is dead and covid is in effect. Otherwise bet ya bottom dollar there would have been thousands of bikes present to stand up for freeway filtering! and stationary congestion lane splitting regardless of their stupid city and roundabout rules.


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            Originally posted by AZAZL View Post

            If you cannot see the outright danger of these new laws, please apply to join these clowns:
            nah, their response to criticism was to say, "join us and have your say". Reality is they're rejecting applications to join if you don't conform with their point of view, and are currently changing their constitution. It appears the alleged voice for motorcyclists isn't very representative.


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              The new laws don't allow splitting to the front of traffic lights. Only to the solid white line same as before.

              The new laws mean that as cars around the bike accelerate away the bike will not legally be able to exceed 30kph to get ahead of the vehicles around it.


              Our size and acceleration advantage now hamstrung by law.

              The crux of the biscuit is the apostrophe.


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                Originally posted by Kristy View Post

                nah, their response to criticism was to say, "join us and have your say". Reality is they're rejecting applications to join if you don't conform with their point of view, and are currently changing their constitution. It appears the alleged voice for motorcyclists isn't very representative.
                The real time commuting motorcyclists warned those clowns from the outset they would be the useful idiots of the state imposing further control over us.

                Now they're Bwaaah! we'll try and fix it after the laws have been passed. That will not happen. Yes, they are closing shop with the constitution changes.

                They're the submissives in an abusive relationship still thinking their daddy will make it better.

                The crux of the biscuit is the apostrophe.


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                  I didn't see mention of offences for this, but the insert does have this little disclaimer;

                  "The rider of a motor cycle who is lane filtering in accordance with this regulation is not overtaking for the purposes of these regulations."

                  So any other time, you're 'overtaking' as before :-)
                  The freeway rule is the real stupidity though, but unless the cops on a bike, or they're going to start using the cameras to convict you, almost impossible to enforce ?
                  There's also the odd story of riders being ticketed for 'overtaking' on the freeway before, so ...


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                    I havent seen the cops pulling anyone for splitting on the Kwinana..... so far. Until they do, business as usual.
                    Not my circus, not my monkeys


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                      There was some meeting yesterday that I didn't know about until today. Looks like I'll have to make the next one.

                      Looking at the Organisation's website explanation of how they are going to fix the Freeway split ban (after the election) they were very silent on the other biggie, the No Splitting in the City Ban.

                      Let's not forget the "cars can go faster than you when you are splitting" law that will mean you split backwards, dangerously, as the cagers accelerate past your legal 30kph split speed.

                      That will definitely mash a few "Bikers".

                      The meeting would probably have been like a recent Road Safety filumn funded by long suffering taxpayers, that is on the organisation's website. (With 40 views on the ewetube.)

                      The scene:
                      Older distinguished gentleman (sans hair) wearing a branded semi casual/dress shirt OOzing authority: "I have ridden a million billion miles. You must listen to me." They always need their patch.

                      The plot:
                      The ODG tells all the boys and girls that 7 motorcyclists died. They died because it is their fault. ODG then tells all the living motorcyclists that they too, will die unless they don't speed.

                      The Theme:
                      WE, (being those who decide for those who ride) wholeheartedly support the RSC and any laws they make.
                      WE know best for you kiddies, especially you older kiddies that give a bad name to us "Bikers".

                      The crux of the biscuit is the apostrophe.


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                        I posted up just over a month ago on the PSB facebook about this exact issue in the hope that it would garner enough interest for people to do something about it. The laws will not be in force until the end of this month. I have just made a new post, which may or may not get approved. I think the moderators there are a little suspicious of me and my motives. Full disclamer - I just want motorcyclists to be able to be safe on WA Roads. The post below for anyone here that would like to speak with their members.

                        Following the announcement of the new cabinet today by our Premier, The Honourable Paul Papalia MLA has taken over from outgoing road safety minister Michelle Roberts.

                        It is clear from the facebook comments over the last coupe of days (I unfortunately am not able to be at their meetings), that the MRAWA largely supports the legislation with the exception of the restrictions for filtering past Heavy Vehicles and Freeways.

                        It has been my long held belief that anything restricting our decision making on the road as motorcyclists WILL result in additional and unecessary injuries and deaths.

                        If you contacted the ministers previously or are just learning about this issue now, I would ask that you now contact the incumbent minister for road safety.

                        Minister for Police; Road Safety - Hon. Paul Papalia MLA
                        (mailto:[email protected])

                        Full letter text:

                        Dear Minister,

                        I write to you with concern over the recent announcement regarding new lane filtering laws to be implemented on 29th March this year. As we are well aware, motorcyclists are one of the most vulnerable users of Western Australian roads with fatalities far outnumbering the rates of other motorists. As a motorcyclist, I support all initiatives that positively impact on the awareness from other road users and directly contributes to the reduction of our road toll.

                        There is sufficient evidence to suggest that lane filtering is a safe practice, and it is a positive sign to see the WA government recognise this reality. I strongly believe though, that the law as written will result in motorcycle riders being placed in higher risk situations that without the legislation. Motorcycle lane filtering was never explicitly prohibited under WA legislation, a situation not shared with other states in Australia. The implementation of similar laws in other states was implemented directly to improve safety for motorcyclists. It is important to look at WA’s situation separately to that of other states which had this differing legislation. Whilst the laws in NSW for example were a step forwards towards greater motorcycle safety, for WA that will be a step backwards.

                        I understand that the last public consultation was held on 23rd June 2018, where the proposed laws met significant opposition. This is due to several reasons, based on real world experience from all facets of the motorcycling community. It is evident that since then, the Motorcycle Riders Association of Western Australia (an organisation sponsored by the road safety council of WA), which at present has only 126 voting members has negotiated for these laws to be implemented without the proper consultation and impartiality that should be expected of such an important piece of legislation.

                        Currently in Western Australia, vehicles may pass another vehicle in the same lane provided they do so on the right of that vehicle, and do not cross a broken white line without indicating and without crossing a solid white line. If the vehicle is indicating to turn right, another vehicle may pass to the left providing it is safe to do so. This legislation did not preclude a common sense approach by motorcyclists to use their enhanced awareness of the situation to avoid dangerous road positioning and hazards from all directions including to the rear. This has been the case since the original implementation of the road traffic act in 1974.

                        The principle concern amongst most motorcyclists is that increased regulation will lead to a restriction of our options for avoiding hazardous situations including, but not limited to rear end accidents by distracted car drivers particularly given the prevalence of mobile phone usage over the last several years.

                        As a motorcyclist and road user I sincerely request that you delay the implementation of this new legislation until proper and due process can be followed with consultation of a greater number of the motorcycling community.

                        Yours Faithfully,


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                          We need to hit them with emails...

                          I was at the MRAWA meeting on Tuesday night...

                          If we make our voice heard the ministers will listen...

                          Apparently the last email campaign with this message caused the minister to agree to a meeting in record time...

                          Please add your voice to the cause...


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                            Yeah, I write for sure and joined a club yesterday. They might kabosh the membership but the suckers got done by the RSC. They need some new or old blood that can suss out bullshit, which they obviously didn't.

                            If their only disagreement is with the Freeway restrictions, not everything else bad about the new draconian laws, then let "Those who Decide for Those that Ride" tell their RSC bondage mistresses the safe word.

                            Sort the lot out. Freeway, CBD and other 'non school' 40 zones never needed bike specific laws.
                            The crux of the biscuit is the apostrophe.


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                              The laws are written for the idiots. The 40% of road users. Meaning those who really cant, but pass enough to prove they legally can, will use the law to fight for their arrogant right to be selfish and entitled on the road. Meaning the way the laws are written now, they arent for riders who ride well, they are for scooter riders and idiots who dont get everything yet.

                              I will settle if we fix the filtering speeds upto 40(just like school zones...) and some freeway and roundabout leeway needs to happen. But to just allow filtering like we used to have means we have literal uneducated, unskilled squids and delivery scooters abusing the laws and getting everyone into the shame and blame game.

                              Good luck, but the fact they gave us some filtering just means we dont have idiots in charge. But dont expect the things to ever go back to normal, the law doesnt cater for the best, it caters for the weakest, the dumbest, the selfish.