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  • roadside breath test

    Does anyone else have trouble getting the breathing right for roadside breath tests?
    not sure if its the adrenalin and excitement from riding , but I always struggle when doing roadside breath tests when on a ride usually takes 3 goes then I think they give up
    I'm fine in the cage just blow and go.
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    Never had a problem if steadily hyperventilating before the blow. Removes nerves with the headspin maybe. Not sure if it does anything but never been DD so...

    I've been with people who have been carted off because they were too nervous to blow properly.

    Nervous = smashed on these occasions.
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      I know of one bright lady who, when stopping for her first ever roadside test - and having zero idea of what to do, actually sucked, instead of blowing. And when we made fun of her after hearing of this, actually defended herself, saying "how was I supposed to know?"


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        Went to take the lid off one day as it does not work otherwise, copper said "Nah, leave it on and blow", I just started and saw he had left the plastic on the tube. Was about to stop to tell him when he took it away, ditched it and said "You're O.K., off you go". Didn't complain as I had had a pint at the Jarrahdale.
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