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Any Stunters out there?

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  • Any Stunters out there?

    I know these forums have been a bit dead for a while, but I thought I would try my luck.

    I have been getting into stunting recently and have decided to build a MT-07 into a dedicated stunt bike.
    I have been practicing in industrial areas at night alone, but I am keen to start riding with a few fellow stunters 😁, does anyone know of any meetup / common spots that I can check out to find some stunting mates.

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    Stunts went quiet in WA after the whole Matt Mingay debarkle. There are a few around that might re-ignite the madness... Unfortunately I sold my stunta and my upcoming build is not suitable. Happy to share some of the learnings, both bike mods and a few tips, if you like.
    It has a dual purpose. ~ Tom Smitheringale


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      yeah any tips / ideas will be awesome. I've spent most of my time on tracks and I'm fairly new to the whole stunt scene. I've ordered a stunt cage and subcage.
      next up will most likely be a bigger sproket.
      Where did you stunters usually hang around and practice?


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        Most of the spots we used are populated subdivisions now. Others are industrial estates and have police funded CCTV. It's getting hard to have any fun these days.
        It has a dual purpose. ~ Tom Smitheringale