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What are good bike magazines?

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  • What are good bike magazines?

    Hey Guys n Girls.

    I just wondering what good bike magazines are available? I've brought a few Two-Wheels but while they are somewhat informtive, they generally dont hold my attention much past a basic skim through.

    Whats your personal favourites? recommendations? Is there an equivielnt Street Machines for Bikes? Something with a bit more omph maybe some technicial info, hints n tips cool bikes mods etc?

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    The British ones (like Fast Bikes) have some good pics in them.

    And some of bikes too.

    They don't hold back on the tests, they're insane...usually a good read.

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      performance bikes and superbike magazine would be the best mags in my opinion.both are pommy mags and they have awesome product reviews,set up on different bikes each issue.and when they test a bike they TEST :shock: it for sure.they will give it all.sometimes do quarter mile runs and get them on the back wheel as often as they can.great mags even for the extra expense.i have a subscription for two wheels and wouldnt recommend it unless your like me and cant get enough of any bike related issues.out of the ozzy mags then it would have to be australian motorcycle news and then the rest :? i find two wheels to much of nothing and advertising the same thing over and over again.5 years ago,it use to be great but has got worse every year after that.
      thats my 25cents worth


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        I like Rapid so far


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          Superbike mag from uk
          and the Aussie mag RAPID BIKES( heaps of modded bikes - it rocks )


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            I'd have to choose fastbikes from the UK as my personal fave, but I do read AMCN aswell, not bad but more newsy and "legal" testing of the bikes


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              Penthouse black label.

              Lots of bikes in there...
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                FB is normally a good read
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                Some say he only showers on even days of the week

                Some say he put an R1 motor in a coffee machine

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                  I like Rapid so far
                  Im with Deza.... for once


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                    I have recently found some australian publications that I've read to be bias, and it's put me off any .AU publication.

                    Even if a bike scores really well on all technical levels, including confort and riding position, everything, but it's not of the favored manufacturer, then they'll have no problem ranking the bike itself beneath thier favored manufacturer...

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                      Performance bikes (u.k mag)

                      its gone a bit downhill in the last couple of years, but still the best read i reckon.

                      Rapid isnt too bad either


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                        AMCN is best oz magazine. Two wheels were ok once but I have feeling since they changed format they went down hill.
                        T.W.O. (Two Wheels Only) is my favourite UK mag (followed closely by BIKE mag which is even more expensive and not that easy to find in newsagents).
                        Performance Bikes and Supebike Magazine are ok but I only buy them ocasionally. They seem to test a lot of modified bikes and track machines (which is fine if you are into this sort of stuff) but I prefer actual road tests of new stock machines.
                        My 2c
                        Fast, cheap & reliable ... pick any two.


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                          amcn is pretty good. got a few on the shelf.
                          also occasionally pick up streetfighter magazine from a shop in belmont forum. it's a pommy streetfighter (well der) magazine, with pretty much ONLY modded bikes. I like reading through for ideas, but they have a tendancy of over praising bike that are not always well done (or might not have had much done on them) and there seems to be way too many old gixxers and vmax's

                          sometimes u get a great issue tho (some of the bikes are modded a fair bit)
                          and some of the sayings they come up with are classic
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                            If you want modified bikes, good information and written by bike riders you cant go past Streefighters from the uk. You can get the idea from They have been overdoing the half-naked models draped over the bikes recently but the stunting, motards and modified sportsbikes are pure horn.


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                              the models are also generally pretty damn ugly.
                              maybe deej should show them how it's done.

                              i've been looking for thier site for a while now!
                              one thing - take the full stop and the / from the end of your link.
                              No amount of genius can overcome a preoccupation to detail.