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Polishing of the motorcycle variety

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  • Polishing of the motorcycle variety

    I wanna get the exhaust pipes (not the cans!) polished on the Ducky. Question is, where's a good place to do it? Fucked if I'm doing it myself..

    Vee-Two can get it done for me, but to be honest it's a little pricey for what I'd guess is about an hours work; certainly no more than two!

    Anyone have suggestions? Not a very good pic (it's not even my bike), but here's something like what I want - you might have to squint though! Stolen from Lance at


    PS. Mad pr0pz to Scum-Bag for the certification goodness.

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    Number 9,

    Need you ask!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Call Pete from Causeway Honda, ask him to hook you up with either Doktor Polish or Sic Mick.

    I have seen work from both and they are both worth recommending.

    One tip with Doktor Polish though is get a quote in writing!!!

    (08) 361 6677 just ask for Peter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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      Hah, I guess not! I'll give the boys a call when I'm in town.

      Incidentally, I watched Biker Boyz last night. It sucked, bad.


      • #4 watched that movie? there's 2 hours you'll never get back....i saw it too


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          ok now im having second thoughts..... i still wanna see it, but i haven't heard 1 good report about it yet hahaha sounds shit.... but its gotta look good ??


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            shit thats annoying when u gotta scroll across to read the posts....
            i forgot to press enter at the end of the line... or is there some kinda
            of word-wrap thingo i dont know about ?


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              no need to ring Pete just email him his email is in the "home" section
              of the website. there is a big Causeway honda logo thing!!!!
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                bumpage for old thread.

                Where can i get my pipes polished ? is there anyone mobile ? or is this a " you take it off, take it in - get it polished " kinda things ?
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                  fuck... some old ass thread here...

                  thought about ceramic coating ?


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                    there's some world class thread necromancy goin on here.


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                      Speak to Simon at Motorcycle Panel and Paint a call, he will hook you up... Has been doing alont of work with Custom Harleys etc so knows where to get the polishing done...
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                        Premier Plating - John Street in Bentley arent bad.

                        Ive had them polish fork tubes and engine covers and did a top job


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                          OMG ! that looks HORN ! ^_^
                          Come and see us in the 2011 Avon Descent - we're racing boat #234 !


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                            Good stuff triple, I'm taking all my chroming there next week, I think I'll get them to do some polishing for me too!!