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road trip to melbourne..

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  • road trip to melbourne..

    i am cruzing to melbourne next week leaving 28th of may taking 5 days.. anyone wants to tag along let me know... the roads in adelaide are pretyy damn good...
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    Don't talk crap. The roads in adelaide are pretty bloody bad.

    The roads in the adelaide hills are pretty bloody awesome.

    Be careful though. A lot of hidden driveways on some of the good roads ( Lobethal Rd is awsome but bad for driveways ) and they are putting rear facing speed cameras in things like wheely bins. ( CNUTS )
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      5 days just to get over there right??? I certainly hope its not 5 for the round trip

      What route you planning? There sure are some beautiful roads through Adelaide hills and then the entire south east corner. pity i cant join you, enjoy!


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        when i said adel.. i meant s.a
        and yeah i am only going one way lol
        straight through kal to adel then great ocean road from adel..
        if i had someone to go with i would conside going through esperance
        Every day you wake up is a good day