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A good bloke went down in the states, please read

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  • A good bloke went down in the states, please read

    I know it puts a damper on things but Newt was a bloody top bloke and a pharggin good rider, this is from one of his best mates on another forum.

    Lets be safe guys.


    Newt's Crash. The whole story... LONG.
    #628003 - 08/26/03 11:07 PM Edit Reply Quote

    Been a long, hard week around here. As many of you know Newtsevenfiddy was taken from us one week ago today in a tragic accident. In the days that followed an outpouring of support and well wishes were posted in a thread I posted here. I'd like to be the first to say thank you to everyone for all the kind words. They are appreciated.

    In the above-mentioned thread several people asked(very politilely I might add... ) what exactly happened to Newt. In the days that followed the accident I didn't feel like posting the 'whole story' and I thank all of you for your patience and understanding in the matter. I've been asked several more times recently and now feel that enough time has passed that I feel comfortable enough to post exactly what took Newt from us last Tuesday night.

    **Disclaimer** This is the story exactly as I have told it to anyone and everyone who has asked. Obviously there were many people there and some remember the accident slightly differently... This account of the events of that night is as accurate and truthful as I can possibly be.

    Here goes...

    Following bike-night an unusually large crowd went out to a spot in the middle of nowhere where people commonly gather and 'stunt'. It was about 9:30p.m. and completely dark. Basically, about 15 minutes after everyone arrived a few guys were out doing the usual... wheelies and stoppies. At one point two bikes were approacing from the same direction with a pretty substantial amount of space between them. The first bike did a stoppie in front of the crowd as the other bike was closing on him from behind(obviously poor judgement). At this point I knew a bike was approaching and expected it was Newt. I honestly did not see if the approaching bike was on the back wheel or not-- though it is likely that it was. There was a fairly significant amount of room between the two bikes but obviously a motorcycle traveling ~100mph(an educated guess) and approaching a bike that is basically sitting still closes that gap very quickly. The first bike sat in the middle of the road for a few moments though looking back it seems an eternity... When the second bike was close enough to see(remember it's very dark), it was on two wheels and I could see it was Nate. He was obviously assesing how to avoid the stopped or near stopped bike while scrubbing a lot of speed. Nate got on the brakes VERY, VERY hard and before he could avoid the other bike he began to lose control of the bike. He ended up locking up both tires and lowsided(he fell left) into the back/side of the other bike. Though the impact did not seem as bad as the results indicate it did not take long to realize something was very wrong. The moments following the impact are probably the most horrible of my life. Many of Newt's friends ran to his aid and found him unconcious and without a pulse. Among those who arrived first were two Surgical Tech's who are well qualified to handle a situation like this. They, among others performed CPR until authorities/EMT's were on the scene and pronounced Nate... gone. There was nothing more they, or anyone else could have done to save Newt. He had taken a very significant impact to the left side of his head/neck/chest. Newt died instantly and painlessly.

    Nate WAS wearing a helmet... an Arai RX7-RR4. He was also wearing jeans/jacket/gloves.

    The other rider was uninjured and rode his bike home with his girlfriend on the back.

    I very, very rarely go out with the stunt crowd anyomore due to a fear of this type of thing happening. That night for some reason, just about everyone was in attendance. Hell, there were even several cars/trucks out there watching. Terrible that this is what they got to see...

    On a more positive note. Nate died doing what he loved... I promise you that up to the last couple of moments he was having the time of his life. He was always having the time of his life. It is also comforting to know that he did not suffer. Nate left us instantly and painlessly. Newt packed a lot of living into his 21 years and left us without regrets.

    Obviously he is, and will be forever missed by all who met and knew him and seemingly by some that never did... He will ride on in our memories forever.

    I'm not sure there are any clear-cut lessons to be learned from this situation. Obviously there was some poor judgement at work though I don't think either rider was more responsible for the outcome than the other.

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    at 100mph you are travelling 43.5m per second....
    ...and on the seventh day God said "Let there be light!", and Chuck Norris said "say please!"