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Gsx1400 or xjr1300

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  • Gsx1400 or xjr1300

    looking at getting a second bike to do some long rides on
    anyone had much to do with either of these
    im a suzuki fan but the xjr is a nice looking bike

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    Someone please post a pic of the fighter GSX14 from the Northam Show and Shine.
    It was really tidy, but possibly not so friendly for long hauls.


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      This one?
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        Yeah, that'd be it. Had a dirty, big top triple. Is it yours?
        Weapon X was saying it was bottle-fed. Care to confirm/deny?


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          Not mine i just cut the top and bottom clamp, and yeh not sure if hes put the bottle on yet but ifhe hasnt he will be..


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            Had the XJR1300 and liked it however after riding the GSX1400 I wish I had got it. I found the acceleration much smoother and a more comfy ride. The XJR I think looks better but the Suzuki is a better package. My opinion only guys so dont shoot me.
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              After test riding the the CB1300, GSX1400 and XJR I went for the CB1300.

              The smoothness just cannot be beaten. Same for the build quality.

              Even the the XJR has "Ohlins" shocks, they are some of the shittiest (and unadjustable) suspension Ohlins have ever stuck a sticker on.

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                what about the kwaka zrx1200 , possibly more "sporty" than the others?


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                  Mate of mine in Adelaide (long time Yamaha mechanic/test rider) has an 07 FJR1300.

                  Went looking looking for something different to keep the FJR company. Bought an 06 (I think) GSX1400.

                  Cannot praise the 'zook any higher. Reckons it is absolutley the best gearbox he has come across, 60kg lighter than his FJR (which comes in at 260kg or thereabouts), runs same diameter brakes and pistons, but the performance and grunt factor is light years ahead of the Yamaha. The XJR would be considerably lighter than the FJR, but the guts are similar.

                  And...he's hardly been on the FJR since.

                  +1 for the GSX1400
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                    They only way you can make a choice is to ride them. I was keen on the GSX until I rode it and the CB and the XJR.
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                      Look at the kwaka lawson replica.. A good friend of mine did a lot of research into these bikes, and the kwaka was far superior to the others in terms of performance and braking etc..

                      but at the end of the day, ride them and make up your mind from there..
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                        nice pic of the gsx
                        looking like the gsx is the go
                        taking a xjr for a spin this weekend
                        take a good bike to make me sway from a suzuki


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                          Zook is too...nice, smooth, boring ??
                          Rode a mates, he replaced his trick V-Max with it..regrets.
                          I was going for the XJR to replace my old that motor.
                          But got a ZRX !!!