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I'm back.....for a bit....

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  • I'm back.....for a bit....

    Hey's been awhile ey.....Sorry bout that....the net at my house is in a kinda technikal limbo...(many thanks must go out to iinet for that) so as a result, I'm kinda on and off the net...but I'm back for a bit at the moment......if you haven't read my post in the News section, my mate Storchy went I'm kinda bummed out at the moment....he'll be ok......and the fact that my bike is still unregistered (many thanks again to the Department of Planning and Infrastructure) so as a result I have no bike (onroad) and now I need to take it over the pits....(hurrrah :cry: ) yeah I've had my gripe...but just to let ya know I'm back on the boards......(hurrrrah )....

    keep it real homies
    "Continuous effort--not strength or intelligence--is the key to unlocking our potential." - W. Churchill

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    Hey Spun, how's Storch doin? I'm in South Perth as well so if he's home gimme a yell so we can go round see how he's goin. Whats the story with Plan & Infra.?

    I've just finished dealing with shit from them so I might be able to help ya out.

    Give Storchy my best.


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      Good to see you back on the forum dude. hurry up and sort out that shit wid ya ride so we can get on the road dude.
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