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Need video camera for the weekend PART 2 Local filming

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  • Need video camera for the weekend PART 2 Local filming

    OK, so Saturday we're off down south somewhere, stopping at a pub for lunch, the footage will be excellent.

    I have another idea as well.

    I'm heading off soon to the east and want to take footage of all of our local runs. All are welcome to join me in the ride, I want to film front and back going through runs such as :-

    The River Run (Raffles to Freo)
    Mossy Park run (Freo to North Cott)
    Nedlands / Dalkeith Run (Christ Church High to UWA)
    Standard Coast Run (Freo to Hillarys via Cott, Scarbs, Trigg etc)
    Mundaring Weir Run (Kalamunda to GE Hwy)

    PLUS some of the best local twisty bits

    Reid Hwy entry to Fwy
    GE Hwy entry onto Polly Farmer
    Leach Hwy entry & exit onto Fwy
    Fwy Exit onto Mounts Bay road
    Stirling Hwy onto the Narrows Bridge
    My fav round a bout in Scarbs
    Cockburn road sweeper in Henderson
    as well as any other places you can think of.

    OK, so who's in and who else can we borrow a video camera off? The more we have, the better the footage will be.

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    So no one's interested then??

    Hmmm, paintball is on this day isn't it........bugga


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      I'm in mate, and will hire a camera as often as is needed.


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        Love to come but I'm gonna be in Ledge Point on sat, taking some trailies up for the day.

        If anyone's in the area stop by and have a beer
        mmmmm sacrilicious


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          New to the tribe here, but I have vid cam and interest factor. *waves*

          Don't have clever bike mount options for camera. Can possibly get a loan of a Steadycam if that is known to be useful.

          I also have an aging 900 badly in need of service, new headstem bearing thingos, front tyre and regulator, but I'll prolly be able to keep up. I am able to film and ride with a bit of prep in some circumstances.

          Alternatively, I could go pillion on one of your machines and witness the l33t skillz. I am a white knuckle sphincter clenching pillion on a good day, but so long as you promise not to kill me my wife may let me come and play.

          Also interested in bringing a fully roofed motor-carriage from whence to shoot lots of drive-by action.

          Will watch this thread.

          (aka Dr Gary)
          Eschew obfuscation


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            Hey Stray, welcome along to PE mate!!

            Come along for sure, weather permitting of course, if we can't do it this weekend then next weekend for sure!!

            Just bring a teatowel or something to absorb shock and we should be able to go from there mate!


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              Erg, how embaressment. Double booked already. Got a meeting at 1.30pm on Saturday - but keen to come along on another day.

              Give me an idea of start/finish times etc.
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                Hm.. this is being a bit tricky, I can't get insurance on this rental MiniDV camera I want to get. Should I just get it anyway?

                Am also still trying to source a bullet-style camera for it also...


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                  Erg, how embaressment.  Double booked already.  Got a meeting at 1.30pm on Saturday - but keen to come along on another day.

                  Give me an idea of start/finish times etc.
                  We're doing the local stuff on Sunday Stray so if ya can, come along for that.

                  Chris, yeah grab it anyway cause I've got more ideas to like filming in the corners, having someone operate it from the ground as the bikes come into the corner.


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                    I am noob

                    Cool - Where, when, how, why? Give me some specifics.
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                      Will post all those details on Friday night after going over the weather report.


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                        Campo: Orright, no worries mate - will do.


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                          I am willing to be Doc's steadycam (BlackBird with topbox) but you have to promise not to tempt me into doing something stupid. Well, anything more stupid than I usually do.

                          This could be a majorly interesting film once edited down...


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                            Schweeet! I knew it wouldn't take too much to tempt SOBL into doing something stupid!

                            Don't stress dude, you've had your license back for well over a month now.
                            Eschew obfuscation


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                              hi sobl .. and welcome to PE...

                              would u be one of the [email protected] ?
                              Some say he eats sidchrome for breakfast

                              Some say he only showers on even days of the week

                              Some say he put an R1 motor in a coffee machine

                              All we know is he's Hewie.