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Road conditions warning: Wellington St, West Perth

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  • Road conditions warning: Wellington St, West Perth

    I think it's the intersection at the corner of Sutherland St and Wellington St, West Perth. Normally I go down Roe, turn left onto Sutherland then right on to Wellington, heading up towards Thomas. The intersection has the Omni Theatre at your back, just past the subway.

    Coming home last night via West Perth, and there's a couple of giant holes in the road at a traffic light intersection!

    Looks like they're cutting some of the road up to lay cable, they've filled in the holes but it hasn't been re-tarmac'd yet. Plus there's sand and gravel all over the intersection...

    Slow down through there people!

    click me for a map

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    I rekon the Wellington - Plain St. intersection is the best...
    *remembers trying to get a camry to grip road (heading north) after lights go green...* :oops:

    Fookin auto too, using a lot of handbrake to stop car going backwards...

    Stoopid FWD cars... :x
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