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Stupid Italian bikes..

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  • Stupid Italian bikes..

    So I was actually ready to leave home early for a change this morning, but it seems the Gods were not smiling on me today.

    Had about 210km from this tank of fuel, and got up this morning wondering when the Fuel Warning light would come on (no gauge, remember). So I go to start the bike, but it'll only crank over slowly without starting properly.

    I think to myself "Hmm, sounds like there's no fuel in there". Open the lid, give the bike a shake and I can see some fuel sloshing around. Not sure how much, the Warning light comes on with <4L to go, and I guess there was about that much there - but from the shape of the tank, it's hard to estimate.

    So I walk about 1km down the road to get some fuel (in full leathers, feeling like a bit of a tool mind you), jerry-can in hand. Get 5L worth - they didn't have Ultimate98, so no use filling up on crap. Walk home, pour fuel in, crank bike. Now the battery is flat. Fucker.

    Take mobile phone out, search through for people to call to either ask for a battery charger or a lift to work. Next door neighbour's son comes out, says we should try bump-starting the bike. Explain that I've never done that before. Look like (more of) a tool.

    Clutch in, first gear, push down the road and try to start it from a few km/h. No go, bike slips in to neutral soon after trying to crank over. Put it in second, clutch in, another push down the road. Bike fires, so I sit there on the side of the road holding the RPM up to make sure it doesn't stall (and no doubt pissing off the neighbours). Slowly ride it back to the house, feeling like a tool (again!) without a helmet on. Offer gracious thankyous & a Milo to next-door neighbour, ride to work, get here late. Noone noticed. Battery has enough charge to start, hope I have enough fuel to get home.

    The end!

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    And thats what you get for buying a Ducati. Here's one for you though, ring Frasers and speak to Maurie. Ask him about using Premium U/L or just U/L.

    Everyone I know who's had a Duc only puts U/L in them.

    Maurie is prolly the best guy to go for Ducati servicing / advice.


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      I spoke to Rob from Vee Two this morning, he said to bring it in if I'm concerned about the warning light; he said (and they built the engine) that I shouldn't have problems running Ultimate98 (or PULP in general).

      Will give Maurie a call anyway, though. Oh, yeah, I think my carbon-fibre exhaust guard and carbon-fibre clutch cover arrived today too!


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        jump starting the bike in 2nd always seems to work best for me. I've only got a little two fiddy though
        Right now Im having amnesia and deja vu at the same time. I think Ive forgotten this before.


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          Oh, yeah, I think my carbon-fibre exhaust guard and carbon-fibre clutch cover arrived today too!
          Man you love your carbon finber!
          When does your carbon fiber underwear come in ? lol


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            Carbon-fibre is teh shit! But I don't wear underwear..


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              Carbon-fibre is teh shit! But I don't wear underwear..
              Waaaay to much info there mate! :?


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                You know you love it, Campo


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                  Number9 what about the "extension" isn't that carbon fibre or just firm latex ???


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                    whats this shit about unleaded campo !!!??? i thought all twins ran on diesel !! (fucking tractor engines !!!!)


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                      Twins referred to as tractors, running on diesel?

                      Weather permitting, come riding with Warp Speed and I on Saturday and the only thing my twin will be running on or should I say OVER is you if you get in my way! :twisted:

                      p.s. Warp Speed has a new Demo Blade to run in so I'll take you both on!


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                        hey max , how about you come and ride on the track day !!! and we'll do it hard core !!! i'll even buy you some extra diesel !!!


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                          I'll bring the bandaids

                          So on the eight day, after wasting time faffing about with unimportant guff like heaven & earth & the waters & sky & creatures [& having a wee kip] & man.... God created PSB (GenesiSX-R1000)


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                            ...and I'll bring the shitbox!

                            madmax: Are you coming on the Country run (see the In The Loop section), or are you doing your own thing? :o


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                              Italian Bikes

                              Cost break down for Ducati's

                              Frame $1000 (second hand tube)
                              Motor $1500 (bits left over from other motors & SBK teams)
                              Panels $6500 (Left overs from crashed SBK bikes)
                              Warranty $0.00 (whats that)
                              Name / Logo (Ducati) $20,000

                              Grand Total of $ $29,000 + ORC
                              Sorry to say, very over rated and priced!! :o

                              I have owned a 996, would not bother going down that path again!!
                              Ducati is just a show and tell machine. Save yourself and buy a SP-1 or SP-2, cheaper to service and buy and warranty means something!! 8)