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Leather vs Textile Jackets

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  • Leather vs Textile Jackets


    Just wondering if there is a big difference in textile jackets, versus leather. Both would have the obvious kevlar armor on shoulders/elbows/back. I'm looking to buy a second hand jacket but don't want to spend an absolute fortune (for me, anyway) as it'll probably get wrecked anyway. Just want something safe until I can afford a new one.

    Some people tell me go the leather without doubt, other people say don't waste money - just get textile. I want to be protected well, so I thought I'd find out before I make my purchase.

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    Ive got one of each, a dri rider climate control pro and a alpinestars leather.

    Textile is about a fourth the price but I would still have to recommend getting a leather jacket. I only wear the dri rider if its pissing down with rain.

    Don’t skimp on price or quality when it comes to riding gear. You don’t have to buy new but get a decent brand.

    Good luck.


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      Leather FTW.

      If you had both jackets which would you prefer to use?
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        Hi Rambo,

        Read this. Of particular note is the "using the search function".

        And for what it's worth,

        Originally posted by Rambo View Post
        I'm looking to buy a second hand jacket but don't want to spend an absolute fortune (for me, anyway) as it'll probably get wrecked anyway.
        Wouldn't you think that that's a good idea to buy a good jacket?
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          good point..


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            Bacause i look good in leather


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              Leather ftw, and when its pissing down, just wear a rainjacket over the top...I feel mroe protected in my leather than my textile

              and i'm fairly sure it's not kevlar that is used as armour (the CE certified armor anyway), most jackets use foam for the back/chest protectors too. I thought kevlar was only really found in riding jeans


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                I didn't see any MotoGP riders donning textile jackets even though it was raining a bit.
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                Go leather. But I won't be discarding my Dri-Rider touring coat.
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                  Too bad I can't find a 2nd hand leather jacket to fit me for sale at the moment.. the search continues


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                    I got 3 jackets. 2 leather and 1 textile. I haven't used the textile since I got my first leather jacket 8 months ago.

                    Textile offers some protection... but after wearing leather I just feel like I'm riding naked without one.


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                      Originally posted by Rambo View Post
                      Both would have the obvious kevlar armor on shoulders/elbows/back.


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                        My textile has foam for the back and massive rubber pads for shoulders and elbows.


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                          ah my mistake.


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                            leather for the most part
                            only really wear the dri rider when its really hot cos i can pull out the rain insert and its basically just a bunch of armour parts held together by strong mesh. lets the air through really nice
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                              I love my textile dririder, foam on the back, front, shoulders, elbows and waist. I have only tested it once and that was a low speed (50kph) scrape and there is not a single mark on it, trust me, I have definitely looked. I haven't worn a leather but thats my 2c about textile jackets.

                              P.S. I also have 2 inlays which is good because the jacket on its own is very good for summer as it is very cool (temperature) and it also has a waterproof and winter inlay for when it gets a bit wet and nippy.
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