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  • Need a custom fender

    Hey everyone.

    I bought my bike, '04 FZ6-n with a really crappy FE last year. Crappy being an understatement. I then shopped around for fenders but all I could find was an R6 fender which I've been using for some time now. Frankly its rubbish, it flops around, is held on with rickety bolts and cable ties, and looks utterly stupid. I really like the bike though so I want to invest a little.

    I was thinking of having something custom made. The previous owner chopped far too much out of the original to ever replace it with a stock fender so I'll need someone thats both sturdy, fits the existing frame and bolts and something that looks good, matt black probably.

    So, does anyone out there know of anywhere I can go to have such a fender made, or even better, is there anyone here on PSB that can offer to make one for me. For a fair price of course.


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    Why not just purchase a new (or secondhandy) OEM fender and put back to stock???

    If none of the wreckers here (2 Wheels or Motorcycle Masters) don't have one try Find - a -part, they have never failed me, managed to get 3 OEM fenders for the Kwaka's to make them un yellow worthy


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      ive got some scrap sheet metal lying around i might be able to manufacture something for you, it will be simple but wont be flimsy, allthough i would need to have a look at the bike 1st.
      Its so small