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PUIG 2009 catalogue

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  • PUIG 2009 catalogue

    PUIG 2009 GENERAL CATALOGUE - page 63

    At pg 91 (in the bok top middle screen not the actual catalogue page number it begins to break down model specific items)
    Screens and wee little screens for naked bikes are at the start up until pg 43 then gets into front and rear guards/huggers
    And then...I'm not really going to break it down for everyone but some interesting things might be the tank pillion grab bar thing on pg 62 and the the triangular top block crash pads on the same page.

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    The front mudguards (pg 44) are goddamn hideous. It looks like someone let a 10y.o. loose with a stock guard, a dremel, and some meccano.
    When I first saw the whole catalogue, I wondered why I'd only ever heard of their windscreens. I think I've figured it out.


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      That grab bar looks like a ring-pull off a soft-drink/beer can... will that be VB unleaded or premium sir?


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        lol, Kshh... gulp gulp gulp ahhhhhh... mmm octane. *drool*


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          there's a lot of ugly shit in that catalogue that looks like the cheapo shit people get off ebay.
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